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Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Massage

Another pain coping technique, that women in labor seem to really respond well to, is touch. This is something that your partner is going to need to do more, you can’t really do this to yourself. Women in labor usually like a really firm touch. They want to be massaged deep and slow. Most women […]

Childbirth Environment : Labor Pain Relief: Music & Sound

So another thing that comes up when women are thinking about birth environment are music and sound. When we think of sound, it can just be sounds of nature so sometimes just walking outside in your backyard can nice. So it can be really nice, you just get outside and enjoy nature and listen to […]

Managing Pain During Labor without Medication

(uplifting music) – Hello, my name is Tammy Ferney. I’m a Registered Nurse and Clinical Educator at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Today, I’m gonna talk to you about natural ways of relieving pain during the labor process. Changing positions in labor is essential to provide comfort, relaxation and relief of pain. It alters the […]

Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: Who to Allow at Birth

So, when talking about birth environment, you want to think about your ideal, and birth environment. And, one of those things is going to include who you want at your birth. Before I get to that, I want you to think about what would be your ideal birth environment. Take a couple of minutes, write […]

Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: New Brain Function

So when we’re talking about birthing environments, not only is our old brain important but we need to focus on the fact of our new brain too. So our new brain is what controls our thinking and our logic. It’s what makes it possible to think and to function as homo sapiens. That’s what makes […]

Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Deep Breathing

A pain coping technique that is extremely effective, and that everyone can do, is deep breathing. This is also called abdominal breathing, or yoga breathing, so if you do yoga, you already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t do yoga, it’s really easy to learn, and everyone can do it. When we breathe, […]

Woman Gives Birth Alone in Jail Cell

it’s truly shocking video of an inmate giving birth all alone in a jail cell outside the cell correctional officers at the jail in Denver were allegedly watching on surveillance video and did nothing to come to her aid the inmate 27 year old Diana Sanchez was eight months pregnant when she was arrested for […]

Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: Nurse’s Role

If you choose to give birth in a hospital, the person that you’re going to be dealing with most is the nurses. And that can be very positive, or it might be negative at times. The nurse’s job is not to manage your pain, she is not going to help you with pain relief. She […]

Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Visualization

Another pain coping technique is visualization. Visualization can be helpful in getting your body to relax, and also can help your cervix to efface and dilate more, which means to open it up more. So you can visualize what’s happening in your body. Right now your pelvis is getting looser, and your baby is descending […]