Large Family Mom Baby #8 Gender Reveal, Natural Birth Plans, Plus Past Birth Stories!

– So I know you guys probably don’t believe me, but we are gonna sit here and chat about the new baby, and I’m gonna tell you the gender of the baby, and hopefully, I’m gonna get into birth plans, birth stories, maybe even why we are a large family, and we’ll just see how […]

He’s Here! My Perfect Hospital Birth Vlog: Baby Number 5! / The Beach House

(Heartbeat) Becca: I just can’t believe this is happening Becca: I am so nervous Becca: I’ve been praying like crazy all morning Becca: So that I could have strength. So that I can have peace of mind and that I will be mentally ready to have this baby Becca: I need to calm down Michael: […]

Medical City Frisco Labor and Delivery Virtual Tour

Medical City Women’s | Frisco Where clinical excellence meets elegance (labor and delivery entrance) Private rooms with spa-like amenities, high-end finishes Celebratory meal options Upscale linens and welcome basket Hardwood floors Large flat-screen TV (bed in suite) Suites with a separate family room may be available In-room refrigerator Full-size pull out bed Seating area for […]

How do I create a birth plan?

Items that I would include in a birth plan include who you want in the room for the delivery whether it be you know your significant other, your mother, his mother and make sure you’re all on the same page with that what do you want for pain relief what medications you want the baby […]

Part Of The Very Short History Of Childbirth

I’m the Director to Common Knowledge Trust. We house the Birthing Better skills. Let me tell you I know something about these skills. I know something about Birth Education. I gave birth first in 1970. We had Birth Education back then. We’d end up going to a supermarket and saying to a friend ‘Well how […]

Women’s Pavilion Tour

(gentle music) – Welcome to the St. Mark’s Hospital Women’s Pavilion. My name is Merrilee and I will be your tour guide today. We are going to take you on a tour of all of our facilities up front and then we will walk back to Labor and Delivery. We will also visit Postpartum and […]

Perspectives on Maternal Mortality and Morbidity – Treating Infection During Labor & Delivery (w/AD)

DR. ROBERTO ROMERO: Typically, the most common infection in labor and delivery units is called clinical chorioamnionitis. That condition is generally treated with the administration of antibiotics. Recently, with the use of epidural for the relief of pain, we have realized that 10% to 20% of women develop a fever. And the fundamental question is, […]

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center – Maternal Newborn Rooms

FEMALE SPEAKER: Once you’ve delivered your baby, you’ll continue your stay in one of these maternal newborn rooms. Take a look around. Each room was designed with new families in mind and has a comfortable, adjustable bed, as well as plenty of seating for visiting guests. There’s also a bassinet so baby can sleep near […]

Birth Vlog – Welcome Luke Ballinger!