Is Birth Messy? Funny Birth Stories | Halloween Edition

We wanted to pick a super Halloween-y topic so we’re answering the question. Is home birth messy? Yes, it is. Hi, welcome to well-rounded mama’s do youTube channel. We’re so grateful that you could join us. If you like our video today, like subscribe, hit the ball, do all of the things today. I’m joined […]

My Labour & Delivery Story | Natural birth at the Edgware Birth Centre -United Kingdom

I called the Midwife around nine o’clock this morning she asked me a few questions you know to see if I was in labor or not and I did find out I had my TMI but I found I had my Bloody show so I’ve been going there going to toilet frequently and I’m still […]


everything was gonna be all butterflies and, you know, glitter … but, did that happen? nope nope nope no no no, all right it’s story time But First … my name is faith Matini and I’m so happy to be doing this collab with Abie I have been able to know her within the last […]


Hey everyone so Aya had turns one Next month I’m gonna have a one year old And I thought it would be a perfect time Since she’s asleep in AE is out of the house. Just kind of sit down and talk to you guys and just Share my labor and delivery story, so I […]

Emotional Labor and Delivery Vlog (2018) Huge Scare! Natural Water Birth To C-Section

You Okay guys, so it is happening we are Getting ready to go down to the burst Center Lisa is changing I will not say I will not show you her right now, but she is having contractions a Lot who actually goes when we get in the car. We’ll update you guys again, maybe […]

36 Weeks Pregnant Preterm Labor Going into Labor What Happens if My Baby Is Born Early?

What Happens if My Baby Is Born Early? Premature Labor About one in 10 babies born in the U.S. are preemies. Most preemies do well as they get older and catch up to their full-term peers in time. But these kids do have a higher risk of problems. Premature babies grow more slowly than babies […]

Emotional Natural LIVE Birth Vlog | Baby #3

Good morning, it’s 415. Joyce has been having some pain last night and just had a bloody show. so we’re gonna go ahead and take her in make sure everything is OK. Hopefully we’re having a baby today! How you feeling? OK It’s time to go about to head out just put the kids in […]


– Good morning, everyone. What’s going on? It’s super early. It’s about 5:30 a.m. Heading down to the airport. As you all probably already know, I’m going to New York. Looking forward to it. I’m going to be away for about a day. I got my main man, Kyle. – What up? – Who is– […]

My Labor & Delivery Story! | The Nurse Was Not Supportive

Hi Guys and welcome back to my channel. My name is Chadeia. If you’re new here, I make videos all about mom life natural hair a little bit of family and relationship stuff And just how I’m planning to live my best life in general So if that isn’t interest to you, please consider sticking […]

Labor and Delivery Story

Hola chicos y bienvenido de nuevo a mi canal Hoy voy a hacer una video del nacimiento de mi hija. Ha estado 9 meses desde di luz. Así que me disculpo si los detalles no están correctos Pero voy a empezar con una historia casi una mes antes de dar luz Tendría contracciones durante todo […]