Celebrity Pregnancy Workout: Finish Strong | Parents

Get fit for delivery and beyond. Designed by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, these three prenatal moves will tone your arms, core, legs, and back. Grab a set of light weights, your dock’s okay, and let’s get started. First, we’re going to do the overhead triceps extension. Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees soft, […]

Is It Better To Have Young or Old Parents?

When people are deciding what age to have children at, you’ll often hear them say that before they have kids there are a lot of things they want to get done first. Maybe travel the world, maybe concentrate on a career, or at least just wait until the twenties are out of the way. On […]

What Week 15 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

(upbeat bouncy music) – Can we get some Backstreet Boys up in here? Oh, we can’t? Oh, it’s like a million dollars? Okay, got it. Oh, close enough. Bust out that cassette tape from 1996, because you’re going to need some workout music. Now’s the time to start strengthening your abs and pelvic floor for […]

Most Embarrassing Pregnant Mistake

– If anybody asks, we’re at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. – It’s Vlogmas, Vlogmas, and it’s time to celebrate. (thud) (giggling) Vlogmas. Good morning everyone, today we are driving to Las Vegas, are you guys excited about Las Vegas? – Yeah! – [Christopher] Are you excited about Las Vegas? – Yes! – […]

What Week 6 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

(lively music) Why do they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day? #LIES, #BARF. I’m sorry you feel like garbage. But the good news is your baby is growing by the day. He or she is now the size of a hashtag symbol. Just be aware that when you’re cursing out your morning […]


(calm music) – Hey, guys, welcome to my weekly pregnancy update. I’m so excited that we are now 14 weeks pregnant and our little baby is as big as a lemon. All the other weeks I’m like, it’s so tiny, it’s so weird but this is getting very real. This lemon’s pretty big for being […]

Pregnancy Sickness Hacks | Jaimie from Millennial Moms

– You found our you’re pregnant. And you’re on your first trimester and you’re feelin’ great, until. (puking noises and coughing) (whistling music) (puckering) So when it comes to pregnancy sickness, I would consider myself an expert. Because I am so sick during my pregnancies. Now, I’m not gonna lie, not everything works for everyone. […]

Listening to Baby’s Heartbeat at Home!!! 13 weeks pregnant w/ home fetal doppler

– What’s that? (mouth farting) (dramatic music) Good morning, everyone! Have you ever had one of those days where you just could not get out of bed? Like no matter what you try, you just can’t seem to bring yourself to get out of your bed in the morning? That was me this morning, and […]

What Week 24 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

(upbeat music) – Now that you have to carefully dole out the amount of caffeine you allow yourself everyday, why not splurge on a fancy french press? That way, you get the good stuff and you can see how big your baby is at week 24! Almost 12 inches and nearly a pound and a […]

Kids React to Their Baby Videos!

– [Family] It’s vlogmas, vlogmas, and it’s time to celebrate. – Rachel used her tickets and was very generous and got me the same thing. – It looks better on– – Head butt. (both laughing) – [Family] Vlogmas. – Good morning everyone, and in all fairness, it is not morning, it’s night. Because we didn’t […]