BABY WATCH! Are You Going Into Labor!?

Are you going into labor? Are you going into labor? Are you going into labor? Wait, we’ll wait. Are you going to labor [inaudible]? [inaudible] [inaudible] but I think with all of these bags we’re going on a trip. No, we’re just getting ready for the birth. What is going on here is something eating […]

BIG DOCTOR APPOINTMENT! Hospital Tour! 32 Weeks Pregnant

What this is a cooler full of pears and we barely made it that we have a big appointment coming up. Big Appointment. I haven’t spent money yet looking forward to this doctor appointment. [inaudible] harvest a harvest day. Alright you guys we are going to attempt to harvest our pears pairs. The Harvest Day. […]

10 WEEKS to BABY TABOR PLAN!! Pregnancy Week 28

I would, I’m going to throw my hospital bag. Hospital bag. Wow. We’re getting there. You guys be having our first piano lesson. [inaudible] what’s the scary noises? [inaudible] give it up. [inaudible] good morning you guys. Welcome to the wonder family Vlog. This morning we’re listening to classical music. Pretentious. Yes. Relaxing. Yes. It’s […]

SHOCKING PREGNANCY TEST REACTION!! Emotional Second Pregnancy Story

– I’m almost sure it’s gonna be negative, but, just because my cycle is late, (whispers) I’m gonna take it, I’m gonna take one. ♪ Baby, we’re children of summer ♪ ♪ We’re meant to be free ♪ ♪ Honey, we’re not like the others ♪ ♪ No reason to be ♪ – Today we’re […]


– So, we’ve been wanting to announce something. (baby talk) – No, don’t show em yet. – [Both] Shh. ♪ Baby, we’re children of summer, ♪ ♪ We’re meant to be free. ♪ ♪ Honey, we’re not like the others, ♪ ♪ No reason to be. ♪ – [Corbin] Good morning June bug. Did you […]