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Hello my name is Tubby, I live here in this wonderful library and I love to eat books. I live here with my friends Gumbo and Freckles. “Gumbo, Freckles come out come out wherever you are” Over there on that Great Book is Grand Old Holy. She is really old and wise And tells us […]

Christmas Story : Birth of Jesus Christ | Popular Christmas Songs | Mocomi Kids

In Bethlehem, on a winter night Were shepherds with their sheep so white When suddenly came down the rays of an angel singing praise “Guess who’s born, ‘Jesus Christ’ Lose your troubles, give a high five Have no fear and go and see The Son of God, the little baby” Now, 3 wise men saw […]

Episode 3 | Birth and Naming | Saint John the Baptist: From Birth to Beheading

So this episode, we’re going to focus specifically on the birth and naming of John the Baptist. And I wanted us to have a look at this polyptych altarpiece, which isn’t currently on display. And I’ve asked the Gallery to bring it into this room. As you can see, it’s raised up on blocks at […]

The Birth of Jesus – Gospel of Luke Ch. 1-2

The Gospel of Luke Luke investigated many of the earliest eyewitnesses of the life of Jesus and then composed this account. And the story begins up in the hills of Jerusalem. The place where Israel’s ancient prophets said that God himself would come one day to establish His Kingdom over all the earth. In this […]

Anti-Abortion Fetus Dolls Handed Out In School

the principal at oakwood elementary school in virginia has been placed on administrative leave uh… because the a civilian or has claimed that she e is uh… coercing students and staff to take part in religious studies on-campus ok okay now well this is happening more recently uh… the stalls have been passed out to […]

OSHO: The Birth of a New Man

The Birth of the Church, Part 1 (Acts 2:1-3)

How wonderful to be together tonight, if only everyone understood how important this particular portion of Scripture is. We don’t pass this way very often. That is through the beginning of the second chapter of Book of Acts. Only once in the last 45 years have we gone through these verses, and here we are […]

Should Women Keep Silent?

I’ve had a few people who have message me asking about this scripture in 1 Timothy chapter 2:11-15. And I want to address this because many people have been deceived by Satan to suppress the voice of women so that they will not share their testimony. Many women have truly believed in Jesus and they […]

Fetus Testifies In Ohio

this episode of the young texans brought to you by audible dot com everybody’ll but at audible podcast dot com slash t y t the question pro-life group in ohio is uh… planning to bring about testimony uh… nine week-old fees perfect so i wanted to do that what’s the point other found that it […]

Natural (Unmedicated) Labor & Delivery Vlog – Part 1