Anthony Kavanagh – L’accouchement (Childbirth) – English subtitles

Woman is superior to Man, why? What is the hardest thing we can do on Earth ? Giving birth… Giving birth to a child ! For men it’s dish washing… Giving birth, men will NEVER know that ! …Fortunately ! Hours and hours of pain, in an incomfortable position, You want to die It’s not […]

[CC/FULL] Birth of the Beauty EP15 | 미녀의탄생

Based on two DNA samples comparison, Sa Geum-ran and Sara are the same person. Where’s Sara? Marry me. Sa Geum-ran. My wife… is marrying another man? As long as this bracelet doesn’t break, we won’t separate, either. You picked one that looks really strong. To break this, you’ll have to call a Hercules. Doctor, you’re […]

[CC/FULL] Birth of the Beauty EP01 | 미녀의탄생

Have you heard the term Korean wave of cosmetic surgery? It refers to the phenomenon of many Asian countries coming to Korea for cosmetic surgery. Due to this wave, 100 plastic surgeons through face research have revealed the most beautiful face of Asia. That beauty revealed not only possesses beautiful facial features, but also a […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP03 (Full)

Was your heart broken? Your husband stole Chae-yeon from me. You want to stop their marriage, right? I forbid it. It’s three weeks until they get married. We don’t have much time. Seduce Lee Kang-joon with powerful physical affection. I’ll try. Because I’m really pretty. Ma’am! I’m Sara… Jeez. I want to be his wife […]

Nurse Training Helps Mothers of Stillborn Babies

ANCHOR: It’s the first of its kind at a San Antonio hospital: a course that teaches nurses how to help mothers who’ve delivered stillborn babies. It’s happening at University Hospital and teaching the course? Two mothers who know exactly how it feels. We want to warn you, some of these images could be disturbing. News […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome | Living Healthy Chicago

Welcome to Living Healthy Chicago. I’m Jane Monzures. Many health issues can involve life-long management and can take a toll physically and mentally. That’s why it’s important to connect with a medical team that can help you manage. This next woman says that advice is what’s helped her navigate a syndrome that first impacted her […]

Un crapaud accouche par le dos ! – ZAPPING SAUVAGE

Here’s Darwin’s Frog. Once the female has laid its eggs on the humid soil, and once the male has fertilized, this one apparently eats them. However, they don’t land in its stomach, but in its vocal sac Inside, they develop and wiggle around, And once ready… the first one comes out jumping followed by another… […]

[파파제스] 아빠의 태교 ‘태담’ (Talking to a fetus)

Bokdeong Bokdeong Are you kicking? Now, our baby(Bokdeong) is hiccuping in the stomach. Ugh. Like this. Right I think I can see it. Here. The whole stomach is crawling like this. Bokdeongyi You got hiccup? I need to surprise you. Whoa! Whoa! Surprise! Whoa! Try to stretch out your legs? Hi-Five Hi-Five Hi-Five You kicked? […]

Hot Vit Lon, Fertilized Duck Fetus

Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of Vietnam’s most treasured and infamous culinary cuisines. Ooh yeah, you look so delicious! Can’t wait to just eat you right up! Mmmmm- No I’m just kidding we’re not eating dog today. Today we’re eating Hot Vit Lon! Other countries know this as Balut. In […]