Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition – Second trimester of pregnancy must haves!

Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition As you enter into your second trimester, your nutrition needs are going to change a bit. By now you’ve likely gotten any sugar and caffeine addictions under control. By now morning sickness should be easing. However, now you’ll face new challenges. Let’s look at the main ones you’ll face in your […]

How to Have a Painless Birth | 10 Practical Tips

Hello this is Chloe from Veggie magnifique – and baby – and this is the second in our series on natural birthing. Because I gave birth to this little snoozer about two months ago. The first video in the series was all about my home birth, because we had a non-medicalised home birth here in […]

My Home Birth Story | Natural Birth

veggie mani fake hello everybody Chloe from veggie Menifee care with baby many week who is six weeks old now today I wanted to share my birth story because it was an incredibly positive story and I feel a lot of people that I’ve talked to you about this feel that there aren’t enough positive […]