The Try Guys Get Prostate Exams

– And then you’re gonna feel a finger, and some pressure. – [Keith] Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup. – [Dr. Rettig] OK, here we go. – [Keith] Oh, oh. – [Dr. Rettig] And there’s your prostate. (upbeat instrumental music) – Movember is this thing that helps raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. – Movember’s […]

Sleep Paralysis, Double-Pregnancy, and The 2016 Census

Good morning John! I don’t even know if you knew this about me but I have a condition It’s called sleep paralysis It’s very common, and it’s when you wake up and you can’t move This usually happens after I’ve had a particularly intense dream and it’s only ever a couple of seconds for me […]

Sebastian Maniscalco Can’t Make His Own Baby Laugh

-Welcome back! -Thank you. Thank you for having me back. -I’m happy to have you here. I know you’re always very busy touring. You’re on your “Stay Hungry” tour. But you were also in Toronto last week promoting a movie you’re in that was at the Toronto International Film Festival called “Green Book.” How was […]

David Letterman Ordered Chinese Food While His Wife Was in Labor

-Welcome! -Very kind of you. Nice. -It’s very nice of you to be here. -Hiya. Hi. I’m so excited. I’m really very excited. Paul. I am so… [ Laughter ] I feel like if I do well here tonight, I might get other invitations. -Yeah. -So I’m really looking forward to this. -Don’t put too […]

WEEK 40: YOU MADE IT! | Preggo Nancy | Scary Mommy

– We’ve made it ladies. (chuckles) Week 40 is here in all of its glory. (upbeat instrumental music) I cannot believe the baby is gonna be here any day. (laughing) (grunting) Weighting in up between six and nine pounds and between 19 and 22 inches, this baby is the size of, a baby! Now, if […]


[snoring] [Ian] SHUT UP! Help.. The hell..? Very sick… Haven’t slept in days… Too weak to go on..! I think I got just what you need. [whistling] My grandpa gave me his old sleeping pills at his will when he died. He said… …what did he say again? These pills are very dangerous, so don’t […]

WEEK 19: The “WTF is Up With My Skin” Phase | Preggo Nancy | Scary Mommy

– It’s like, what the fetus is up with my skin? My estrogen levels are off the charts and I’m getting zits like I’m 12. Actually, I like to call them my red badges of courage in my pits, tits, and bits. I thank you! (upbeat, playful music) Yeah, my estrogen levels are making my […]

WEEK 5: You’re Pregnant. Hooray! | Preggo Nancy | Scary Mommy

– Oh, I’m freaking out. (gasps) Well, that explains some things. I’m pregnant. (upbeat, rhythmic music) I mean I’ve been so tired lately. I don’t even know if I can even finish this glass of wine. Oh my God! I can’t have this anymore! I have to watch what I eat now. Sunny side up […]

The Try Guys Re-Create Photos Of Their Dads • Fatherhood: Part 1

– We used to go to topless bars. Strip shows. – What? I had no idea that you used to do that. – I was fun, I liked it. – Fatherhood! It’s Father’s Day, comin’ up soon. – [Zach] About two years ago, the Try Guys made a motherhood series for mother’s day. – [Keith] […]

0 Days Until The Baby’s Due

♫ I don’t need more time ♫ ♫ I do need more holidays ♫ ♫ I don’t want more friends ♫ ♫ No I don’t ♫ ♫ Holding me up all day ♫ ♫ And credit cards are no use to me ♫ ♫ I’ve got all the cash I need. I don’t want anything. […]