My Home Water Birth

-how are we doing with the temperature, do we like it? -a little, little warmer -We should update Cass (doula), huh? you wanna update her? -You don’t have to stay in that position, I just want you to know. When the head starts coming out, that’s a great position to go into – I’m not […]


All right, 29 weeks. Hi, guys. Welcome to my pregnancy updates. I am now 29 weeks pregnant. I’m actually 30 weeks in a couple of days. I’m filming this a little bit late, and 30 weeks sounds really scary compared to 29 weeks because it’s literally like you’re in the home stretch. Basically, today I’m […]

Is Birth Messy? Funny Birth Stories | Halloween Edition

We wanted to pick a super Halloween-y topic so we’re answering the question. Is home birth messy? Yes, it is. Hi, welcome to well-rounded mama’s do youTube channel. We’re so grateful that you could join us. If you like our video today, like subscribe, hit the ball, do all of the things today. I’m joined […]

Ask The Placenta Lady about Cesarean Birth and Placenta Encapsulation

(calm, gentle music) – Hi, welcome to another episode of Ask the Placenta Lady. My name is Jodi but I’m more commonly known as the Placenta Lady. I’ve been working with new moms since 2006. So I’ve heard pretty much every question you can be asked regarding the birth year. It’s pregnancy, child birth and […]


Would you think that it is possible to manifest the birth you want? Do you think that visualisation is actually powerful enough to help you achieve the birth you want? My name is Lynn JT, I’m your hypnobirthing practitioner and I’m here to help you birth like a boss. This is video six of our […]

Top 5 Reasons to have a home birth!

Let’s check out the top five reasons for having a home birth Hi, I’m Sherry Hopkins, founder of Well Rounded Mamma and home birth midwife. I’m with Emily and Cora today. So we run a group, a local Facebook group and we asked the question, what are your top reasons for choosing a home birth? […]

My Drug Free Home Birth Hypnobirthing Story – Was it really pain free? – BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and I’m back again with my good friend Grace Smith from I made a video recently about my natural birth experience by accident, because I was on my friend’s podcast and he asked me a question about my own home birth experience with my last baby, baby number […]

Midwife Supervised Childbirth: Birth The Way Your Body Intended

Giving birth is actually a natural process. It’s not a disease. So there’s really no need to go to hospital to give birth. You can do a homebirth and have a licensed midwife with you in that process. I highly recommend it because when you give birth in a hospital, you’re at the discretion and […]

How to Have a Painless Birth | 10 Practical Tips

Hello this is Chloe from Veggie magnifique – and baby – and this is the second in our series on natural birthing. Because I gave birth to this little snoozer about two months ago. The first video in the series was all about my home birth, because we had a non-medicalised home birth here in […]

Natural Birth & Mommy Wars – Natural Childbirth – BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and I’m here with my good friend Mike Perrine of Everyday Detox and in this last portion of our podcast, we’re talking about women and childbirth and whether or not we get to have opinions on their experiences. We would love to hear your thoughts. So remember to leave […]