Mueller Baby

Mueller baby, a subpoena under his tree for me Been an awful good girl Mueller baby send out an indictment tonight Mueller baby a grand jury, give them their due, it’s true I’ll wait up for you, dear Mueller baby, and send out an indictment tonight Think of all the the crimes they’ve done Think […]

Singing for Strangers!

– [Kids and Adults] It’s Vlogmas. Vlogmas! It’s time to celebrate! – We’re gonna have some more fun, right? – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah. (baby talk) – [Dad and Kids] Vlogmas, vlogmas. – Smell your cheese! I love you and I am friend to us and I love that it’s you and boy. […]

Gotta Love This Kid

– [Family] It’s Vlogmas, vlogmas and it’s time to celebrate. – Thank you. Again. (laughing) – Honey (laughing) – [Jessica] He’s smiling. – [Family] Vlogmas – Good morning everyone! It’s time for a little kombucha update. We’ve tasted this last night, and it’s perfect. We’re really excited about it. And, we’ve bottled up some of […]

Loki Cosplay (Marvel) Christmas Special – Door #1 of my Advent Calendar

Hohoho, here’s your Loki. Everyone prepared for christmas? Have a present for your Thor in mind? Got a mistletoe over the poster of your Loki? Downloaded the illegal copy of The Dark World for christmas eve? No, we didn’t. Yeah, you’re right, we are waiting patiently and enjoy the gifs on tumblr. You don’t want […]

Kids React to Their Baby Videos!

– [Family] It’s vlogmas, vlogmas, and it’s time to celebrate. – Rachel used her tickets and was very generous and got me the same thing. – It looks better on– – Head butt. (both laughing) – [Family] Vlogmas. – Good morning everyone, and in all fairness, it is not morning, it’s night. Because we didn’t […]

Cinnamon Challenge LIVE on Stage

(screaming) – Ahh. ♫ [Family] It’s vlogmas, vlogmas ♫ It’s vlogmas, vlogmas ♫ It’s vlogmas, vlogmas ♫ And it’s time to celebrate ♫ Vlogmas. – Vlogmas. – Good morning – Morning, everybody. (laughs) That was Rachel. We are at my parents’ house right now. We’re getting ready for the show, and we’re all just talking […]

The Try Guys Bake Pie Without A Recipe

– I’m a master baker! – Do apples rise? – All of you! Get in there! – Oh my god! (smoke alarm rings) – Oh, let’s ignore that. (bell dings) (exciting orchestral music) (bell dings) – [Narrator] The Try Guys are back in the kitchen to try their hand at baking without a recipe once […]