Choti Sarrdaarni – 24th September 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Hello! Hello! How are you? Take this! – Hello! How are you? Hello! – Isn’t he with you? – He is coming. Welcome! Hello! – Hello! Hello! Dacoit Mangal Singh is here. Dacoit Mangal Singh! Move! Wonderful. – Move! This was my idea. Dacoit Mangal Singh! Oh! Dacoit Mangal Singh, everyone is scared of you. […]

Patiala Babes – Ep 204 – Full Episode – 6th September, 2019

Hey! Mickey, Babes did it! Your theory of auspicious time actually worked. Everything got all right in the morning. The way she yelled at Lovely.. I mean, she is my aunt but Babes took a stand for herself. She at least stood up for herself. I liked it. I am so proud of her. Mini, […]

Ram Siya Ke – Luv Kush – 10th September 2019 – राम सिया के – लव कुश – Full Episode

Your ideals and principles are right in their place, Rama. But it’s your duty to put an end to Tadka’s terror. So the decision to kill Tadka, and to end her terror… …I leave it to your conscience, Rama. But remember, Tadka is a sorceress… …who can take any form. She is laying a trap […]

Choti Sarrdaarni – 2nd September 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

‘Meher, where are you?’ Meher, where are you? Suddenly… – Sarab. Momsy, you? – Where are you? And why are you calling me? Where will I go? Today is her face revealing ceremony. She will be here. I will check. Just hold. Meher! Meher, it is Sarabjit’s call. Meher open the… Param, what are you […]

Ram Siya Ke – Luv Kush – 9th September 2019 – राम सिया के – लव कुश – Full Episode

Luv Kush, do you remember… …what happened in the market today? Did you get the answers to your questions, from your mother? Why did you tell your sons that… …your presence in the market is connected with their father? We know the reason why Lady Sita was abandoned? Question on her character. Didn’t you say […]

Patiala Babes – Ep 202 – Full Episode – 4th September, 2019

Wow! I feel sad, Mr. Hanuman. Actually, I told Lovely let’s stay in a nearby hotel. But she never listens to me. Now see, we are here like a burden to you. I am so sorry, Mr. Hanuman. You started it again. Listen, there’s no issue. You are not at all a burden to me. […]

Choti Sarrdaarni – 30th August 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Dad, my mom will prepare… …the ‘Kheer’ in a jiffy! Mom, quick! Come on, Param. Taste and tell me how it is. Come on now! It’s time over! ‘Oh! India loses another wicket!’ Oh my God! My supermom… …prepared the ‘Kheer’ in a jiffy! Everyone will start eating as soon as I say one. Okay. […]

Choti Sarrdaarni – 27th August 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Dear mom… …tonight my wings… …are going to open up… …because you have come here. I love you, mom. I have made… …this card for my mom. Very nice. Let’s go show this to mom, dad. No, Param. It’s time for you to sleep. I wants to go to my mom. We will go meet […]

Patiala Babes – Ep 199 – Full Episode – 30th August, 2019

Actually, I.. Sir.. So much attachment, sir? I got carried away, sir. Even I got emotional. Nothing else. – Concerning me? You’re correct, sir. It’s not the women who only cry during weddings. Even boys cry. Only a man can understand another man’s pain. Listen, clever boy.. I understood, sir. I’ll keep quiet and say […]

Patiala Babes – Ep 198 – Full Episode – 29th August, 2019

Ma’am, the thing is.. There is something different about me. Ladies get impressed by me, easily. Second thing, if you would’ve met me earlier. Then, this entire city.. – Okay. Would be jealous.. I swear on Lord Bajrangbali. This means, you’re flirting with me, full fledge. Do I tell Babita about this? Yes, go and […]