Family Feuds + Forgiveness 💞 | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

– I don’t call her. You keep dogging me. – You’re mad that I don’t wanna– (shouting) – You don’t even tell your family the truth! – Buy somewhere else ’cause you’re not even welcome here. – [Blonde Woman] You don’t even tell the truth. – Your mom’s the (beep) one, every (beep) time. – […]

Best Of Teen Mom: Briana DeJesus’ Most Memorable Moments | MTV

(giggling) – [Briana] Hi, I’m Briana. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and then moved to Orlando, Florida when I was 10 with my mom, older sister and our dog, Prince. Hi, Prince! I’ve always been a good student. I even graduated high school a year ahead of my class. (cheers) I’m really looking […]

The Pixie and the Mosh Pit (Ep. 5) | Fantasy High

– “Johnny, we gotta do it, man. “They’re gonna get away!” – I’d like to rip a sick U-turn. – The car fully fishtails and flips. (tires screeching) – Stand dead center of the highway, trying to like, watching his motorcycle move. (imitating motorcycle crash) – Johnny is over the handlebars, (makes crashing noises) Johnny […]

Girls Have Three Holes

So here’s the thing. I was going to make a video where I go through my old high school yearbooks to look for dumb and funny messages that people left me back in the day, but then I came across one particular message that just set my brain on fire. It just basically filled me […]

Cole’s Confrontation | Teen Mom 2 | MTV

(midtempo guitar music) – [Chelsea] Cole’s on his way home with Aubree, and I’m anxious to hear what happened. (Watson crying) Hey, look at me. (Watson cries) (sighing) – [Aubree] Buddy? (door slams) (dog barking) (Watson crying) – Hi. – [Aubree] Hi. What’s wrong? Here, you want to play this? (Aubree mumbling) – Aubree, will […]


– Class, we’re gonna try something a little bit different today. No books, no homework– just ideas. O Captain! My Captain! (student screams) (desk bangs) – Awesome. – (narrator) Every teacher ever. – Mr. Berke, can I please go to the bathroom? – I dunno, CAN you? – Fine. May I go? – I don’t […]

Teaching Tips : How to Calculate a Due Date

Hi, this is Laura Turner, and today, we’re going to talk about how to calculate your due date. So, you found out that you’re pregnant, and you’d like to know when you’re going to have the baby. Congratulations, and get together with your partner to determine a possible conception date. This is probably going to […]

Signs That Someone Likes You – Real Talk Episode 28

As in, there’s a lot of signs. There’s a lot of girls who… For example, they pretend to like you to get something out of you. So what do they want from you? Conjunctivitis? Hi guys! Welcome back to Real Talk! On today’s episode… Did you chase Shannon or Shannon chased you? Of course Shannon […]

I Got Caught Vaping At School And Grounded

It was like a couple days before the last day of school so like everyone was pumped says it was almost summer break. My friend he asked me he said can you bring your vape to school and I obviously said yes because he was like one of my best friends. As since the vape […]

Maci Will Always Have Love For Ryan | Teen Mom OG | MTV

(pop music) – Tonight, make sure you’re free. Cancel any and all plans. Why? Oh, because it’s the season finale of Teen Mom OG. (pop music) Ryan’s coming home from rehab soon, and I wanna have a better relationship with him. So, I asked his parents to meet, so we can all get on the […]