Mom of Six Streams Unassisted Home Birth in Her Garden to 1.4 Million Viewers

A mother of six has shared her birthing experience with approximately 1.4 million YouTube viewers. Sarah Schmid from Halle, Germany, who currently lives in France, delivered her sixth child naturally without assistance from a midwife or doctor in her backyard garden as her five other children looked on. Following the arrival of her baby boy […]

This Perfect Little Baby Is Called A ZEBU | The Dodo Comeback Kids

You ready for it? – We got an email asking us to help with a zebu calf who was born with no use of her back legs. – Hi! Oh, thanks for the kisses. A little spa day for you. – We didn’t know much about zebus at that point. Only that they were some […]

Mom Is Shocked When She Sees Her Newborn In Delivery Room Now Her Words Are Spreading Like Wildfire

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE ! Mom Is Shocked When She Sees Her Newborn In Delivery Room Now Her Words Are Spreading Like Wildfire The story of little Brenna is a story of overcoming any possible obstacles – and is also a reminder of how a parent’s love is unconditional. There are moms and […]

Lawyers want ‘unconscionable’ charge dropped against woman who lost fetus in fight

Attorneys for an Alabama woman facing a manslaughter count in the miscarriage of her fetus that resulted from being shot during a fight filed court papers seeking to get the charge tossed, calling the indictment “completely unreasonable and unjust ” Lawyers for Marshae Jones, 27, filed the motion Monday in Jefferson County Circuit Court “Using […]

Dog gives birth to staggering litter of 21 puppies in ‘world record’

  A British dog could have set a new world record after giving birth naturally to a staggering litter – of 21 puppies  Joanne Hine watched in amazement as her Great Dane and American bulldog cross Mary Jane (MJ) popped out the astonishing brood   She had initially been told the pet would give birth […]

TOP 10 Celebrities Who Gave Birth After 45 | ⭐OSSA

It is definitely a personal decision whether to have children or not, but these celebrities prove that you might not always have to worry about the “biological clock.” Hardly anyone is surprised to hear about 40-year old mothers, but how about twins at 49 or a firstborn at 50? These ladies are breaking the rules, […]

Micro Preemie Heads Home for the Holidays (Akshaya Vachharajani, MD)

“She’s a fighter.” Even surrounded by monitors and pumps, Joy Day’s spirit shines through. “She’s feisty. She reminds me of my mom and her side of the family.” Joy has needed every bit of that spunk. Her parents, J.P. and Amber, and their three children were serving as missionaries in the country of Jordan when […]

[STAR ZOOM IN] ‘Fetus’ BIGBANG’s Excellent Performance! (ENG) 빅뱅, ′데뷔초′ 풋풋한 연기 도전기! 빅뱅의 은밀한 동거녀1

Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Hey… Hello? Hey, come out here! Big Bang! Don’t do this to me! I am not even married yet! What’s going on? Please don’t hurt me. It’s okay, he is our member. Hey, why didn’t you put on any clothes? I was about to do that […]

Heartbroken mum says plastic doll copy of stillborn son is helping her beat PTSD – Daily News

 A YouTube star who was given a doll duplicate of her stillborn son says the plastic creation is helping her to heal  .  Since then she has battled PTSD and anxiety every day.  She received a doll resembling her stillborn baby free of charge from Aliyah’s Reborn World after they saw the tear-jerking video  The […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP08 (Full)

But Doctor… By chance… do you like me? Me? Like you? Are you delusional? I like you? What are you talking about? Comprehensive analysis results? Han Tae-hee is… in love… with Sara? Doctor. Do you love me? Really? Sara. There’s a thing called alien hand syndrome. Alien hand… syndrome? The brain’s left and right hemispheres […]