We Tried The 30 Day Water Challenge

– You should always drink that much water. – Yeah, but I don’t. – Right, but that’s why you have bad skin. (lively music) – My current relationship with water is that I love playing in it, I love the way it looks. Do I put it inside me, no. – I should be drinking […]

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy. When you’re expecting, you’re not just eating for two – you’re living for two. Here’s how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. You will need An obstetrician you trust and can talk to easily Prenatal vitamins A varied diet An exercise routine Someone to change the litter box, if […]

Woman Claims Hypnosis for Childbirth Works

Kathryn, welcome, and you are someone who used this hypnotherapy. Tell us about it. I actually didn’t run into hypnosis for birth until I was in my third trimester. My whole birthing process, I had some kind of crazy experiences. I was very nervous, I suffer from anxiety and I happened to come across hypnosis […]

500lbs and Pregnant: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

MONICA RILEY: That was the life that I wanted for myself. Being fat, getting to eat whatever I wanted, feeling like a queen. I guess you just get to a point in your life where you just want to change things. COMM: Monica Riley once wanted to be so fat that she would become bedbound. […]

Moxibustion for Breech in Pregnancy

Hi I’m Emilie Salomons, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who focuses in fertility and pregnancy today I’m gonna show you how to do moxi for breach in pregnancy what I’ve got here is a moxi stick it’s actually made out of mugwort that’s been charcoaled so it doesn’t have a strong smell so just here […]

Why Do Doctors Often Make Inaccurate Due Date Predictions

Why Do Doctors Often Make Inaccurate Due Date Predictions Doctors always give soon-to-be moms a due date for their baby’s birth, but why is that date hardly ever accurate? Planning for the arrival of a baby is obviously stressful for a number of different reasons. If it’s your first child then you will likely be […]

Celebrity Pregnancy Workout: Finish Strong | Parents

Get fit for delivery and beyond. Designed by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, these three prenatal moves will tone your arms, core, legs, and back. Grab a set of light weights, your dock’s okay, and let’s get started. First, we’re going to do the overhead triceps extension. Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees soft, […]

What Week 11 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

(upbeat music) – Welcome to week 11. Your baby is now about the size of a ping-pong ball. Remember beer pong? Eh, you weren’t that good at it anyway. This week, while you’re not out partying your face off, your baby is starting to make facial expressions and smile. She’s also developing tiny tooth buds […]

How do I prepare for a healthy pregnancy? Ask your doctor

what’s the number one thing that you can do to have a healthy pregnancy? Well it actually might not be what you think. Everyone’s focused on taking a prenatal and that is definitely important, we do recommend taking a prenatal vitamin before you want to get pregnant, but the number one thing that I recommend […]

30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge (full movie)

(upbeat electronic music) – Welcome to the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. I commend you for seeking out such a healthy thing to do for yourself. My name is Sergei Boutenko and I’m gonna be leading you through this challenge to make it as simple, as easy, and as streamlined as possible so that you succeed […]