A look inside the Colorado Fetal Care Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado

(Female Voiceover) The Colorado Fetal Care Center offers hope to families facing a high-risk pregnancy. From the instant they arrive at our center, they understand that this is a unique facility for unique patients. The Colorado Fetal Care Center is part of the Colorado Institute for Maternal and Fetal Health. The Institute integrates adult and […]

Your First Birth as a Student Midwife

Hi I’m Ellie from midwifediaries.com midwifediaries.com videos are your no fear, no fuss, no flap guide to midwifery. I’ve got a question today from Kate who emailed me. Kate is a student midwife and she says she’s really nervous about attending her first birth. she’s seen so many on TV and so many online and […]

Fetal Spina Bifida: Comprehensive Guide on Diagnosis, Treatment & Surgery

Spina bifida is a birth defect that occurs when the spinal cord fails to form properly, leaving a section of the spinal cord and spinal nerves exposed through an opening in the unborn baby’s back. There are several scientific names for spina bifida. It is also known as myelomeningocele or meningomyeocele. Although there are many […]

Why is a mom referred for a fetal echocardiogram?

When patients that are referred to see me as a Pediatric Cardiologist, it’s usually because of something that happened in their OB visit. Whenever mothers go in for their anatomy scan or their screening ultrasound around 18 weeks or so, sometimes the OB doctors will pick up something that gives them concern that a heart […]

Can your birth month predict disease risk?

Does your Birth Month month, the month that you were born in does that affect the diseases you’ll develop in your lifetime? So there’s large amounts of new clinical becoming available every day. Every time we go to the doctor, we get a prescription filled, data is being recorded about us our hospital is recording […]

The Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

Edvotech Instructional Videos The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or ELISA. For this experiment, you will need a microtiter plate, phosphate-buffered saline, antibody and antigen samples, a color-changing substrate solution, a 37-degree incubator, an adjustable micropipette and tips, and transfer pipettes. Step 1: Label the microtiter plate and transfer pipettes as noted in the product literature. Step […]

About Birth Gestation Series – WEEK 22 ‘Childbirth education and tools to work with in Labour’

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction – Professional Brooklyn Gynecological Services – Brooklyn, NY

What is Pelvic Floor Reconstruction? Pelvic floor reconstruction is a group of various surgical procedures used to treat pelvic organ prolapse, a condition that occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor are weakened or damaged, often due to childbirth. Other causes include repeated heavy lifting, chronic disease, or surgery. The pelvic floor includes the […]

Unplanned C-Section | Labor & Delivery | Parents

An unplanned C-Section is not always an emergency C-Section. An emergency C-Section is one that has to happen right away because we’re worried about mom, or baby, or both. Some examples would be if mom is suddenly bleeding, or if we’re worried the baby is not getting enough oxygen. An unplanned C-Section is one where […]

Dr Christopher Ng Talks About Getting on the Pill | DocDoc

Let’s start with the positives when you’re on the pill. Effective contraception is one of the most effective contraceptives provided you take it properly. It regulates your period so it helps women with irregular periods. Women with heavy, painful periods. Similarly, it has benefits and is meant to alleviate those problems. These are short term […]