Normal Fetal Movement and Growth | Kaiser Permanente

(lighthearted instrumental music)>>Lissa Daimaru-Enoki, MD OB/GYN – Prior to 28 weeks, baby’s movement may not be very predictable, sometimes babies are really active, sometimes they’re resting.>>Eric Warshaw, MD OB/GYN – As your pregnancy progresses, particularly in the third trimester, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on fetal movements.>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN – […]

Urinary Tract Infections, Animation.

A urinary tract infection, or UTI, is an infection in any part of the urinary system — the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. An infection of the urethra, or urethritis, may cause burning sensation when urinating and cloudy discharge. A bladder infection, or cystitis, may result in pelvic pain, frequent, painful urination, and blood in […]

Care for Baby After Delivery | Kaiser Permanente

(happy piano music) (baby laughing)>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN: – So once the baby’s born, the nursing staff does an assessment of the baby. They want to make sure that the breathing is appropriate, that the baby’s color and tone are appropriate as well too. That is what is what we call an all encompassing Apgar […]

Medicare & You: Cervical cancer

Hi, I’m Angela James with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. I’ve got some important information to share with you about cervical cancer. January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. Did you know that all women are at risk of cervical cancer? And, did you know that it occurs most often in women over the […]

How to Get Medical Jobs : How to Become a Labor and Delivery Nurse

The first step in becoming a labor and delivery nurse is to become a nurse. There are two paths that a student can take in becoming a nurse. One is a two year degree program. The other is a four year degree program. Either way the scope of practice for a registered nurse is the […]

North Suburban Medical Center – Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum

– I kind of view myself as the welcoming committee, to introduce moms to their new family members and be a part of that in their lives. – My unit is exciting because we’re creating new life, bringing new life into this world and there challenges with that, not all babies are healthy but the […]

Does the UK have a race problem when it comes to childbirth & maternity? BBC Stories

I’ve not had one person that I can be like: ‘Oh they were lovely, I’m so glad I had them during my baby journey’, because they’ve all just been pretty rubbish. We know that black women are much more likely to have severe complications than white women so it’s clearly a really important area to […]

Two Vaccines Pregnant Moms Need (But Aren’t Getting) | How To Protect Baby and Mother

What’s up everybody? Okay, check it out. Pregnant women. Okay, if you watch nothing else in this video, this is what you need to do if you’re pregnant. You need two vaccinations, okay? At the minimum. These are the ones that are very important, only 55% of pregnant women get these vaccinations and they are […]

The US medical system is still haunted by slavery

At the edge of Central Park in Manhattan, there’s a bronze statue of a doctor named James Marion Sims. Whose “brilliant achievement carried the fame of American surgery throughout the entire world.” He’s the guy who created the vaginal speculum, an instrument gynecologists use for examination. He pioneered the surgical repair for fistula, a complication […]

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center – Labor & Delivery

(soft music) – I feel our team is very unique. We have a good mixture of veteran nurses, newer nurses. Everyone’s willing to help teach everyone. – There’s always such a good camaraderie when I’m at work. I think, we work so well together and I never hesitate to ask questions to anybody. I always […]