Personalized Maternity Care & Childbirth in Kansas City

(news reports in background) – [Announcer] Pregnancy is an exciting time. But with so much information coming from so many places, it can feel daunting. (news reports in background) It is our mission to listen to you, and respect your choices. (dynamic music) We’ll get to know your wants, needs and concerns, and then we’ll […]

Low Intervention Child Birth

00:00 Speaker 1: Expectant moms have a lot to think about, but thanks to advances in both practice and technology, welcoming a child into the world is actually easier than ever. So joining us today is Dr. Rabiya Suleman a board-certified OB-GYN with Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Thank you so much for stopping by. […]

Customize Your Maternity, Labor and Delivery at HCA Midwest Health.

– Let’s say you live here in the greater Kansas City area. You’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, and looking to create just the right pregnancy and birthing experience. More moms choose us than any other hospital system in the region. At the hospitals of HCA Midwest Health, we deliver more than 5000 babies […]

Treating High-Risk Pregnancies

– With the rise in twin and multiple pregnancies comes more mothers whose pregnancies are considered high-risk. KCTV5’s Amy Anderson takes a closer look at the life-saving services offered at one of our local hospitals. – I’m definitely tired, but it’s great. – [Amy] Sarah Hammontree got to take one of her twin girls home […]