Can I Have a Baby After A Tummy Tuck – Dr. Craig Jonov – Lynnwood, WA

[Dr. Jonov] Hi, I’m Dr. Craig Jonov of the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery here today to talk a little bit about a tummy tuck. Some of the questions have come about. One, if you have a tummy tuck are you still able to have a baby afterwards, and we try to recommend having a tummy […]

The Mother and Baby Unit

♪♪♪ (narrator) Visiting Guidelines and Length of Stay in the Mother and Baby Unit. ♪♪♪ We provide you with a Quiet Time from 2 to 4pm every day to allow rest time for you, your partner and your baby. ♪♪♪ We request no visiting during this period. You can find educational resources in the parent […]

Schmidt Has Some Huge News! | Season 6 Ep. 22 | NEW GIRL

Hey, babe. I’m back. What’s, uh– what’s happening? I’m pregnant. What? I mean, you’re pregnant. We’re pregnant. Sadie called you. And Jess picked up. And then she called again, and Winston picked up. Winston told me. It’s an upsetting scene, but, um, we’re having a baby, Cece. I wanted to buy you flowers, but I […]

Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That’ll Make You Happycry

– “Expect the arrival of your first grandchild,” what? – [Voiceover] Oh! – What? What? (screaming and laughing) We’re havin’ a baby! – Look at this one. Oh! Are you pregnant? (all screaming) Oh my God! Oh my God! – (screaming and laughing) No kidding! Are you really? Are you really, are you really? Oh! […]

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy. When you’re expecting, you’re not just eating for two – you’re living for two. Here’s how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. You will need An obstetrician you trust and can talk to easily Prenatal vitamins A varied diet An exercise routine Someone to change the litter box, if […]

Royal News: Did Serena just reveal Meghan and Harry are having a GIRL?

Serena Williams may have inadvertently let slip that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are having a girl The 37-year-old tennis pro, who is herself the mother of one-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia, was being interviewed by E! News this week when she was asked to give her advice for new mothers That’s when Serena referenced a […]

Should You Stop Having Sex During Pregnancy? | Pregnancy Sex Tips | Parents

Lots of men and women wonder whether they should stop having sex during pregnancy. I’m Dr. Logan Levkoff, and I’m here to answer the question of whether sex should end while you’re pregnant. The answer is no. You don’t have to stop having sex while pregnant, unless of course your doctor tells you you shouldn’t […]

Having my Cervix Checked for Dialation! Week 37 Baby #4

Okay, we’ve made it to week 37 and which is considered Full-term, and I know this because we had a false alarm Well we had a couple different close calls. Where we had to go into the hospital because I’ve been having consistent, close together hard contractions, and I only have three weeks left But […]

We’re Having a Baby? | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking