Eating During Labor! Why they say you can’t and why you can!

Welcome to Well Rounded Momma’s YouTube channel. Thanks for joining us today. I’m joined with Tori. My name is Sherry and we are here to talk about can you eat in labor? Yes. Bam. Done. So if you find this video helpful, please like subscribe, share with your friends. In one of our videos, we […]

Wireless Fetal Monitoring – The Monica Novii at EIRMC Women and Infants Center:

[Alicia] Hi, my name is Alicia and I’m a labor and delivery nurse at EIRMC. [Serena] And I’m Serena, I am also a labor and delivery nurse here at EIRMC. [Alicia] And we wanted to take a minute to tell you about our new wireless monitoring system, the Monica Novii. So previously, when you would […]

How do I create a birth plan?

Items that I would include in a birth plan include who you want in the room for the delivery whether it be you know your significant other, your mother, his mother and make sure you’re all on the same page with that what do you want for pain relief what medications you want the baby […]

Women’s Pavilion Tour

(gentle music) – Welcome to the St. Mark’s Hospital Women’s Pavilion. My name is Merrilee and I will be your tour guide today. We are going to take you on a tour of all of our facilities up front and then we will walk back to Labor and Delivery. We will also visit Postpartum and […]

Is Birth Messy? Funny Birth Stories | Halloween Edition

We wanted to pick a super Halloween-y topic so we’re answering the question. Is home birth messy? Yes, it is. Hi, welcome to well-rounded mama’s do youTube channel. We’re so grateful that you could join us. If you like our video today, like subscribe, hit the ball, do all of the things today. I’m joined […]

Labor and Delivery Nurses Provide a Seamless Experience

Hi, my name is LaToya. I’m a labor and delivery nurse at Mary Immaculate Hospital. As of today, I have brought in 152 babies into this world. Oh, I love working with Bon Secours. What’s most important to me is my team. Our nurses are awesome. We are the cream of the crop and we […]

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Labor & Delivery Virtual Tour

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Welcome to the Labor and Delivery unit at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center. From the time you think about starting your family, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at PSL are here for you. Whether you are a young mother or starting your family later in life. Our […]


everything was gonna be all butterflies and, you know, glitter … but, did that happen? nope nope nope no no no, all right it’s story time But First … my name is faith Matini and I’m so happy to be doing this collab with Abie I have been able to know her within the last […]