Breastfeeding Benefits for Moms

(upbeat music) Breastfeeding Benefits for Moms – First of all, lactation and milk production requires about 500 kilocalories per day for an exclusively breastfed infant, so it helps women to lose weight after they deliver the baby, and what they have seen is that this also leads to a decrease in visceral fat, which is […]

Edmund Funai, MD – How Often Should I see a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist?

– It’s gonna vary a great deal how often you have to see a maternal-fetal medicine specialist. It’ll be a conversation that we have together, and with your doctor, and it ranges from once or twice a week, to once a month, to just once for consultation.

Wedding, Newborn and Maternity Photography with Canon by Farida Alvi

I’m Farida Alvi, I’m a newborn, maternity and wedding photographer. I have a degree in psychology and couldn’t find a job in psychology that I actually enjoyed and when I realized you can just be a local photographer I was like that’s it that’s what I want to do for a career. I spent six […]

English Cocker Spaniel Puppy Birth – 5 puppies

cooper and sam have 5 puppies a video of the birth of our 5 puppies as it happened this is the first time we have done it this is the full length birth the last dog number 5 is the best video

In Italy, rising anxiety over falling birth rates

JUDY WOODRUFF: Family sizes have been steadily shrinking around the industrialized world for decades. And Italy is a prime example. Just a generation ago, four children was the norm. Today, the average family has fewer than two. And as special correspondent Christopher Livesay reports from Sicily, demographers warn that the shrinking population could drag the […]

The fetus can die | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo English

Alright, everyone. We’re back and ready to welcome our next case of the day with this quote by Spanish writer Francisco de Quevedo. It reads, “No one offers as much as those who never fulfill their promises.” Keep that in mind next time you’re conducting a transaction. “No one offers as much as those who […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP11 (Full)

Ahjumma! How can you wait till now stupidly? You’ll die trying to celebrate your birthday. I can just live as I have. What birthday? No. From now on, I’ll help you celebrate it. Happy birthday. Sa Geum-ran. We should sleep, right? We should. We have a lot of work tomorrow. You have to visit your […]

[STAR ZOOM IN] FETUS Girls Generation(SNSD 소녀시대) Releases Bonus Track For Fans! (ENG) 150803 EP.15

I am a baekseolgi-like little leader, Tae-yeon. We are holding signing event. Everyone who doesn’t want to study, come here. What? Good luck! Okay! Really? Look at my face. Let’s watch the youngest princess, Seo-hyun’s “Still to Finish Story”. So cute. Just you. I will do it again. Let me do it again. Let me […]

In Brazil, Women’s Changing Roles, Attitudes Leading to Smaller Families

bjbjLULU GWEN IFILL: Now we have another story in our series on global population issues. It’s a partnership with National Geographic Magazine, which has been reporting on this topic throughout 2011. The September issue examines the declining birth rate in Brazil. Our report is from special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro. FRED DE SAM LAZARO: […]

Should Women Keep Silent?

I’ve had a few people who have message me asking about this scripture in 1 Timothy chapter 2:11-15. And I want to address this because many people have been deceived by Satan to suppress the voice of women so that they will not share their testimony. Many women have truly believed in Jesus and they […]