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Ylvis – A little fetus (eng.subs)

You may not believe this, but we’ve all got a haircut since our latest episode. We wanted to look nice, and started talking about the feeling of being vulnerable right after you’ve cut your hair. You are like a little fetus when you’ve been to the hairdresser. Not me. That’s your opinion. Yes but… “I’ve […]

Women Try Brazilian Waxing For The First Time

– Sweating. Do you see sweat coming down my face right now? Do you feel like the fear? (upbeat music) – I think that body hair is natural. – I think I just shave it when I remember to. – I don’t know. I get very cold. I find it helps keep me warm. – […]


AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OOF! *face of regret* Pause! pause! *for like the 100th time in a row* no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOO Pause! No! *screams like the mans about to die* Pause! Pauseeeee *water goes down the drain like morgz’ career, jk* Pause! help! i cant breathe! Pause! AhhHhHHhHhhHhHHhHhHhHh *Leaf blower makes kira’s face look like […]

The War on Pubic Hair

Pubic hair! It’s awesome! Well, according to me– and also science. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everyone. Welcome to DNews. I’m Laci Green. There’s a noticeable trend these days toward removing pubic hair, a fad that’s pretty new, given that in the past it wasn’t as much of a thing. Definitely not in the ’70s. Our parents […]

What to expect during a Brazilian Wax – Salon Secrets wax review

and In this episode of salon secrets we are going to have a look at what to expect when you get a brazilian also known in the industry by therapists as “the brazi” For this demonstration the model will be wearing underwear. If you can shower at home before your brazilian if this is your […]

IDENTICAL TWINS Get Wisdom Teeth REMOVED | How Will the Twins React?

-Hi, guys. This is Bailey. Welcome to the new video where we get out wisdom teeth out. I don’t know why you’re laughing, because this is serious business. I said serious. I just got my wisdom teeth out, and you can watch the video to see Brooklyn. Because she’s never had treatment like this. It’s […]

The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time

– Okay, I can do this. – If it hurts, just work it. – That is my balls up here, and then my dick is back here at my butt. – No way, your balls are not all the way up there. – Today is a drag show here at Buzzfeed Studios. – We had […]

23/24/25/26w Bumpdate! || Travelling when pregnant.

Hello guys, how are you? I’m sorry if it’s a little bit dark today, but The lighting just isn’t great. Today I wanted to update you on my 23, 24, 25 and 26 Weeks of pregnancy The reason why it’s so many weeks in a row is because as a lot of you know I […]

Pregnancy Update | 39.5 Weeks | Inducing Labor | Tahiti Rey

Hi guys so I am doing my 39 week update from my bathroom because A few reasons they don’t feel like setting up my other camera, and there’s good lighting in here So I wanted to do a 39 week update with you guys just to let you know the status I did not think […]