Dr Christopher Ng Talks About Getting on the Pill | DocDoc

Let’s start with the positives when you’re on the pill. Effective contraception is one of the most effective contraceptives provided you take it properly. It regulates your period so it helps women with irregular periods. Women with heavy, painful periods. Similarly, it has benefits and is meant to alleviate those problems. These are short term […]

Dr Christopher Ng Offers Useful Tips for Health Pregnancy | DocDoc

Don’t get stressed about it. Pregnancy is unlike any other event. You’re seeing a gynecologist or an obstetrician because you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is a natural event. So, unlike other disciplines or other conditions where you see a doctor because there’s something medically wrong with you, with pregnancy, you’re not. It’s a natural event. So, basically, […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Travel During Pregnancy

Are you taking a cruise to nowhere, jetting off to Fiji? I’m Doctor Jill from Tampa, Florida telling you how to travel when you’re pregnant. Travel can be very safe in pregnancy with a few small bits of information. Safest time to travel is generally during your second trimester. In your first trimester, you’re nauseous, […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Avoid Getting Pregnant

Everyone enjoys sex, right? Well, not everyone wants to get pregnant. I’m Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida, here to tell you how to avoid getting pregnant. There are many ways to avoid pregnancy, the easiest way is abstinence, that’s not always practical, so we’re going to start with the easy ones, over the counter methods […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Sleep While Pregnant

Are you pregnant? Lying in bed, and can’t get to sleep. Well, unfortunately that’s one of the common side effects of pregnancy, difficulty in sleeping. I’m Doctor Jill from Tampa here to tell you how to sleep in pregnancy. Well, does it matter you’ve been sleeping your whole life. It actually does. Two things, in […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Handle Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

They tell you there is going to be a lot of changes to your body when you are pregnant but oo, vaginal discharge? I’m Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida telling you how to know if your vaginal discharge is o’kay. In pregnancy it is normal with the change of hormones to have a thickening or […]

Dr. Doe’s Pelvic Exam

Today I’m getting a pelvic exam. Doctor Blake gave us permission to film the whole thing so that you know how to prepare, what to expect, and when to come back. In 2014 the American College of Physicians determined that annual, once-a-year pelvic exams we’re doing more harm than good. Their vote was appointment as […]

Expectations of Labor

Let’s talk about what to expect when you’re in labor all right we mentioned it just a little bit we started this show whether you push or the c-section so how do you prepare a mom to say okay this is this is what you’re gonna be looking at, Joana?>Sure well that all depends on […]

Labor, Delivery and Midwifery at Ohio State

I think that when someone is looking for an OBGYN to take care of them, they should look for someone who is caring and knowledgeable, and who is interested in giving them the best care available. I would recommend OSU to anybody who’s interested in receiving quality care because it is an excellent facility, widely […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Choose Your Delivery Options for Childbirth

Okay, whoo hoo, you’re pregnant, very exciting. Well now what? You’ve got a lot of choices to make. I’m Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida, here to tell you how to choose a delivery option. Well, what does that mean? Well, you’ve got a couple of choices here. Do you want an obstetrician or do you […]