That’s a chainsaw. Every time I sit down to film there’s a chainsaw, or some other kind of noise. Hi guys, so today is going to be my 15 and 16 week pregnancy update. It was all going so well with the updates, but last week when I was due to film my 15 week […]

Don’t Blame the Kid (2016): Maru goes into labor and gives birth

Hello? I think my water just broke What water? My water! You’re going to be a dad! No way! I thought we had the whole 9 months. Yeah, yeah Son! The baby doesn’t know that and is coming early. (Unintelligible) Okay. I’m coming It’s beginning. When the contractions start don’t forget to breathe. (mimicking Lamaze […]

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout (SAFE PRENATAL STRENGTH TRAINING!!)

Hi, everyone! Trainer Amy Jo here, and today we’re going to do a first trimester workout. Ready to join me? Let’s go! As you guys know I’m working on baby number three. I have two boys, working on the third one. We get to find out soon if it’s a boy, or girl. I’m really […]

How To Fix DIASTASIS RECTI | Abdominal Separation | 4 Best EXERCISES & What To AVOID!!

Hey, ladies! Today we’re going to be talking about Diastasis Recti, which is an abdominal separation you get, usually with pregnancy. So today we’re going to be talking about Diastasis Recti. What this is, ‘diastasis’ means ‘separation’, ‘recti’ refers to your ab muscles called ‘rectus abdominals’. So, what’s going to happen is – with diastasis […]


– Why did you buy a birthing simulator? – So, I bought birth simulator because– – Am I going to have a child? – It’s either you have a child — – I’m not financially ready for a child yet, Angel. – Either you have a child or you’re going to be terribly constipated later […]

TTC W/PCOS | Pregnancy Test!?, Doctors Visit!?

hi ladies! Today I went and I got… a-..a-… a-….a-….. So am going to go right now and take this.. Oh God, I feel so nervous…*giggles* It’s been awhile, it’s been years, since I have actually taken one of these I’m hell nervous right now!! Honestly, I am hell nervous. If it’s a positive I’ll […]

Live Pregnancy Test After Infertility | PCOS | Infertility Journey (2018) [CC]

Alright so I took a cheapie test this morning and I thought I saw something. It is probably nothing, but gonna try. Of course I have like no pee left so, I had to guzzle water. Oh God! This is so official. I have never taken a Clearblue obviously. No wonder they cost a small […]

Parents’ Adorable Reaction To Pregnancy Reveal (Whisper Challenge)

– In March I’m going to be. – In March. – I like this challenge, you guys ready? – [Nancy] Are you guys really listening, or are you. – I can’t hear you. – What? – One of them is going to say a sentence and we’ll try to guess it, and the other one […]

The magic of Vedic math – Gaurav Tekriwal

Translator: Andrea McDonough Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar Nameste. I’m from India, and India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has contributed to the world concepts such as yoga, ayurveda, spicy chicken tikka, and Vedic math. Vedic math is one of the world’s easiest and simplest way to do math. We are going […]


this is not going to be a typical vlog i don’t know if this is going to go up honestly because I have already done this before and it just never comes up the way i obviously planned last week…. i took an ovulation test and it came out positive do you guys see the […]