Who You Should Have in Delivery Room | Pregnancy

So, who should you have with you when you give birth? The most important thing is to have a labor companion. This labor companion can be your life partner, a family member, a friend, anyone who is there to support you in having the type of birth that you would like to have. It’s really […]

INCONTINENCE | Stress Incontinence After Childbirth 🤱🏻

Hi welcome back to Be Sexpositive, my name is Marisol and I’ve got a confession to make, I had urine leak after childbirth don’t forget to Subscribe for new videos every single week. Urine leak or urine incontinence is a topic that is not really commonly discussed but it’s more frequent that you might think. […]

What No One Tells You about Childbirth | Pregnancy

Birth is a normal, physiological process just like yawning, breathing, stretching, peeing, pooping, farting. All of that stuff that our bodies normally do on our own, birth is also a normal, physiological process. It just takes a little bit more effort, like more position changing, more movement, more stretching of organs, and just more effort […]

Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Massage

Another pain coping technique, that women in labor seem to really respond well to, is touch. This is something that your partner is going to need to do more, you can’t really do this to yourself. Women in labor usually like a really firm touch. They want to be massaged deep and slow. Most women […]

Childbirth Environment : Labor Pain Relief: Music & Sound

So another thing that comes up when women are thinking about birth environment are music and sound. When we think of sound, it can just be sounds of nature so sometimes just walking outside in your backyard can nice. So it can be really nice, you just get outside and enjoy nature and listen to […]


(soothing guitar music) – [Adam] Babe, you’re taking a last baby bump selfie? (laughs) – He looks so much lower. – [Adam] Okay, ya think? Massive. – It’s a mess. Let’s go have a baby. – Yeah! I’m so excited. (soothing guitar music) – Ah, it’s just a good day to give birth, huh folks? […]

Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: Who to Allow at Birth

So, when talking about birth environment, you want to think about your ideal, and birth environment. And, one of those things is going to include who you want at your birth. Before I get to that, I want you to think about what would be your ideal birth environment. Take a couple of minutes, write […]

Types of Childbirth and Delivery Methods | Parenting Education | Hungama Kids

Hello dear Parents, We hope all our videos are being helpful and informative to you all. In today’s video, we would be providing useful information too. We will talk about different types of childbirth & delivery methods. Essentially there are 4 main delivery methods, Natural or Vaginal Delivery In this method of delivery, the baby […]

How to Know You’re in Labor : How to Time Contractions

So once you think you are in labor and your contractions are getting closer together and lasting for longer, you want to start timing your contractions. You do not need to time every single contraction and you really do not have to sit there and get a pad of paper and write each one down. […]

Beautiful Homebirth for Baby #7

(music) – Is that a good length for a contraction? – Yes, this is exactly what we want to see. (music) – We are going to be having baby number seven tonight. We are so excited! – Tonight or today? – We’ll see, probably tonight the way things are going. We’ve got Petula, Avery over, […]