10 Newborn Must Haves | Jaimie from Millennial Moms

– Hey everyone, welcome back to the Millennial Moms. My name is Jaimie and I upload to Millennial Moms every Monday. (introductory music) – Today we are talking about the top ten newborn must-haves. If you guys are not already subscribed to Millennial Moms then definitely do so down below. We got a new mom […]

孕婦模擬分娩、催生劑注射 – Simulation of Childbirth


It’s okay, it’s okay I don’t know what to say We’re going to get the baby girl They refused to deliver, so we have to go to the hospital and pick her up. They don’t do home deliveries anymore. Well, it is early in the morning and what time is it It’s getting late. We […]

Penelope Charlevoix Birth by Mini Mama & Mini Papa – Penny’s Birthday

What Happens If You Give Birth During A Flight?

Picture this you’re 31,000 feet up in the air then all of a sudden you hear a woman screaming it turns out a pregnant mom has gone into labor what happens next how is the baby delivered what nationality is the baby if it’s in the air well today we’re going to look at all […]

Doctor ‘dropped stillborn baby’ then told mum ‘she could always have more’ – Today News

 A heartbroken woman has revealed how doctors dropped her stillborn baby during delivery – and tried to comfort her by telling her she “could always have more children”   Kristal Amezquita, from Temecula, California, recounted her experience in a devastating personal blog post for Love What Matters  In 2017, she and her partner of three […]

How Giving Birth In Space Will Be Different

Narrator: Scientists have studied a lot of pregnant animals in space, including salamanders, fish, and rats, but not humans. Over 60 women have traveled to space, yet none were pregnant during the trip, let alone gave birth while floating in zero gravity. But with talk of future space colonies and cities on Mars, there’s a […]

Nurse breaks down after delivering stillborn baby in heartbreaking picture – Today News

 A heartbreaking and emotive picture of a nurse has gone viral as it captures the huge pressures facing hospital workers every week  The image shows a distraught woman, identified as Caty Nixon, sitting in a chair in tears having worked 53 hours in four days – and having just delivered a stillborn baby  Her sister, […]