More Than Friends

– I have applied to 26 jobs this week. – Okay, where? Where did you apply? – Um, Craigslist, my– – No, Ethan, pesticides you can’t eat those before you wash them, no. Applying for jobs online is like throwing your resume in a trashcan. Ethan are you listening to me? You gotta see if […]

Boyfriend Vs. Period

– [Jen] Today was a lot of fun. – I had a great time. Same thing tomorrow? – Sure. – Awesome. (kisses) – And this is for you. (chuckles) (door shutting) (paper rustling) – [Voiceover] Dear Steven, I’m not sure you know who I am, but trust me, we’ll become well acquainted soon enough. (swoosh) […]


[Music] you can I heart okay don’t worry don’t worry dude I just gonna okay remember two nights ago any first yeah and what kind of drink another GAD sex [Music] okay I wasn’t sure there I aim inside you or not and I wanted to I I just said you know it’s never mind […]

Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

– Hello, guys! – I’m sure you’re wondering why we look like carbon copies of each other. – Brooklyn and Brooklyn. – Yes. – Instead of Brooklyn and Bailey. – So essentially, this video is going to be us, identical twins, swapping places in the middle of something that we’re doing with our friends, to […]

the TRUTH about our Break Up… (Not Clickbait)

Now her video is called “The worst day of my life.” She got on the wrong train, which added a whole Whopping 30 minutes. She had to wait longer to get to London And so did I absolute worst day of my life? And she had to wear the same clothes two days in a […]


Listen up, you virgins. I bet you never had a real girlfriend. pfft.. Pathetic, you losers. It’s all about that Kanojo VR everybody I’ve been wanting to play this game for a loooooong time. Oh, yeah This videos been brought to you by Don’t tell Marzia productions. Alright, here we go. Time to meet my […]


what’s nice you boy Nate in today I’m here with kid tix and today we’re gonna be doing a prank on Makayla y’all I’m super nervous but I’m excited to see her reaction basically what I’m about to do is I’m gonna act like I got ten pregnant and she’s been my side check out […]

Who Beats Up A Pregnant Woman? – Check Yourself: S5 E1 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

♪♪ You’re watching “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.” Check Yourself. Season Five. You’ll be watching us… Watch the show. For the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural… …and honest reactions. We’re watching it… …with you! The scene you’re about to see is Moniece going bananas at a pregnant mum. ♪♪ A.D.’s event is […]

Weird Things Pregnant Couples Do With Their Cats

– You know, we need to start preparing Emmett for when the baby comes. – Is that a thing? – Yes, it’s a thing. Cat’s can be very sensitive. They can smother a baby or steal it’s breath. – Okay, you have got to stop listening to aunt Jude. – Well, either way the ASPCA […]


So I just pulled out a bunch of 20s and these 20s are gonna become ones at the strip club because we’re gonna be spending Those ones on the stripper because this episode we’re testing a stripper. Yes. You heard that right? I said a stripper Her name is Vanessa, and she’s been stripping for […]