[CC/FULL] Birth of the Beauty EP01 | 미녀의탄생

Have you heard the term Korean wave of cosmetic surgery? It refers to the phenomenon of many Asian countries coming to Korea for cosmetic surgery. Due to this wave, 100 plastic surgeons through face research have revealed the most beautiful face of Asia. That beauty revealed not only possesses beautiful facial features, but also a […]

[CC/FULL] Birth of the Beauty EP17 | 미녀의탄생

I can’t let you go. I can’t let you go like this. Let’s… break up. I never want to marry again. As long as you’re with Tae-hee, he might be in danger. I will leave. So that… Han Tae-hee may be safe. I’m looking for a passenger on PJ Flight 301. PJ flight 301 has […]

[CC/FULL] Birth of the Beauty EP20 | 미녀의탄생

Ahjumma! I’m glad I found you. You’ve been looking for me all this time? Where were you? I went to the restaurant. It was closed. You have no where to go, right? I was going to start looking. I knew it. Follow me. What are you doing? Follow along. Check places Sara might go. Most […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP08 (Full)

But Doctor… By chance… do you like me? Me? Like you? Are you delusional? I like you? What are you talking about? Comprehensive analysis results? Han Tae-hee is… in love… with Sara? Doctor. Do you love me? Really? Sara. There’s a thing called alien hand syndrome. Alien hand… syndrome? The brain’s left and right hemispheres […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP03 (Full)

Was your heart broken? Your husband stole Chae-yeon from me. You want to stop their marriage, right? I forbid it. It’s three weeks until they get married. We don’t have much time. Seduce Lee Kang-joon with powerful physical affection. I’ll try. Because I’m really pretty. Ma’am! I’m Sara… Jeez. I want to be his wife […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP16 (Full)

Who called me out? Come out! If I use Sara’s identity to call him out, he’ll have no choice but to come. I’m worried about CEO Han Tae-hee. Please just save him. I’ll separate… if you want me to. If you just save him, I’ll do anything. Please just save him. What happened to Sara? […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP04 (Full)

What? Say that gain. I think there’s something behind my death, Doctor. There’s something… behind your death? What? A scary… conspiracy. Conspiracy? Conspiracy. Someone tried… to kill you? Yes, Doctor. Did you take your delirium medication? Did you skip it since you spent the night out? I took it. I’m afraid to go wrong, so […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP11 (Full)

Ahjumma! How can you wait till now stupidly? You’ll die trying to celebrate your birthday. I can just live as I have. What birthday? No. From now on, I’ll help you celebrate it. Happy birthday. Sa Geum-ran. We should sleep, right? We should. We have a lot of work tomorrow. You have to visit your […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP02 (Full)

Lady! Stop! You’re the stalker. Who are you calling a psycho? You’re Sa Geum-ran! I’m Sa Geum-ran? I want to lose weight. Because… Our fate as a married couple is finished. I just… want to be in love. Geum-ran is dead. You’re the doctor on the Change, right? Please make me beautiful. I can’t die […]

[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP12 (Full)

Why didn’t you tell me Lee Kang-joon was released? I don’t want you to tremble in fear. I wanted to protect you. I want to hear something from you. It starts with an “L.” Loving someone again is scary to me. Hurry up and tell me. But if it’s you… The words I want to […]