Hey guys and welcome to my channel today I’m going to share with you my seventeen week pregnancy update and if you are new to my channel, I’m Myka Nice to meet you. So in today’s video we are gonna tell the truth. We’re gonna get down to the nitty Gritty, we’re gonna talk about […]

Pregnancy Gender Predictor – Best Baby Gender Predictor

predict baby gender baby prediction gender of baby predicting baby gender pregnancy sex of baby what gender is my baby determine sex of baby baby predictions find out baby gender baby’s gender choose sex of baby when can you find out the gender of your baby determine baby gender baby predictor boy or girl predictor […]

Men Watch Childbirth For The First Time

I’m expecting a lot of blood When we saw it in biology class when I was 17 And two guys had to go home It was horrible, it was just horrible. Oy vey… right Ahh there it is… Oh there is somethin’ happening. That’s it, it’s all open, she’s just split open Oh jesus… I […]

“If all men got pregnant, it’d be taken more seriously” – behind the scenes of Seahorse

This is a film about me having a baby. But what I feel like I’m going through isn’t me having a baby or pregnancy, it’s like a much more fundamental, total loss of myself. So I’m Freddy McConnell and Seahorse is a film about how I became a dad and how as a trans man […]

The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time

– Okay, I can do this. – If it hurts, just work it. – That is my balls up here, and then my dick is back here at my butt. – No way, your balls are not all the way up there. – Today is a drag show here at Buzzfeed Studios. – We had […]

Men Take “Birth Control” Pills For A Month

– I get why they could be a pain, but I personally think that I can take a pill once a day at the same time. – So I forgot my birth control. – This is infuriating. – It’s just bothering me. – Ohp, oh, oh no. – This fucking pill. – Alright, I’m officially […]

बेकिंग सोडा से चुटकी में पता करे पेट में लड़का है या लड़की//Part-1//Baking Soda Gender Test Prediction

hello eveyone welcome to my channel today we learn how to de gender test with baking soda at home how to know its boy or girl easy way you need 2 tablespoon baking soda and morning fresh urine you need 2 tablespoon baking soda and morning fresh urine first take urine and pour it into […]

Meghan Fashion – Meghan Markle’s baby bump: Due date, gender, twins – everything we know about roya

 Meghan and Harry announced in October 2018 that they were expecting their first child, five months after they wed They announced Meghan’s pregnancy to the world just three days after Princess Eugenie’s lavish wedding ceremony, and royal fans have been on tenterhooks for information ever since The Duchess of Sussex, 37, has been wearing fitted […]

What Week 15 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

(upbeat bouncy music) – Can we get some Backstreet Boys up in here? Oh, we can’t? Oh, it’s like a million dollars? Okay, got it. Oh, close enough. Bust out that cassette tape from 1996, because you’re going to need some workout music. Now’s the time to start strengthening your abs and pelvic floor for […]