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John Cena Answers The Toughest “Would You Rather” Questions | Good Housekeeping

Poop’s funny guys. Let’s just cut to the chase. Poop is funny. And I mean, once again This little thing is a just a powerful poop machine. Hey everybody! I’m John Cena. And in the new movie “Playing With Fire” I found out that kids, like fire are wild and unpredictable. So today I’m going […]

Reborn Babies (Documentary)

Miranda Sings Gives Birth On The Stephen Colbert Show To A Hairy Squash

What Pregnancy is Really Like | BLOOPER COMPILATION

hi guys welcome back to my am I gonna say it again this video is basically my way to explain to you how this past eight and a half months been feeling so when you see me smiling and happy I’m positive I am truly on the inside I’m super happy but so enjoy this […]

S1 Ep 4 – It’s All in the Timing | DOES THIS BABY MAKE ME LOOK FAT?

[sighs] It’s already time to try again! One thing that’s such an advantage in the time that we live in, is that there’s no more guessing when’s the best time to try and get pregnant. Okay, according to my app, we need to do it tonight, tomorrow night, through the weekend, and probably Monday too. […]

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #3

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to the Don’t Laugh Challenge. I have got a new assembly of videos here that are supposed to be “funny” in one way or another. But we’ll find out about that very soooon “if” and “when” and “how” they make me laugh. But will they make […]