Lizza Newborn Baby Feel Milk Hand After Mom Keep Out N0 Hug,Poor Baby Big So Fat/Sweet Baby Monkey

OmG!What’s A little monkey doing on newborn baby monkey?/Mum fight big baby to protect small monkey

Unbelievable Nova Keep Not Nurse Newborn Baby just Keep him Nearly Why Why/Sweet Baby Monkey

Baby Monkey Lu Playing With Mom Is Lovely

Hello everyone Hello everyone Lu is playing teddy bears, Lu’s mother is looking at the phone Lu and his mother watch the phone Lu is playing very lovely Lu played with his mother and kissed his mother, so cute Thank you so much for watching the video Good day to the whole family Good day […]

Pregnancy Monkey Jill Need More Fruit To Got A Lot Milk For Feed Baby!!Jill Belly So Big Coming Baby

Oh God!!!Jill pregnancy Look Very exhausted!!!Jill Maybe hurt her belly she lying down

Oh My God!!LOOK Jill Pregnancy monkey Unhappy She Look like hurt her belly-Jill nearly give birth

OMG!!What Wrong With Pregnancy Monkey Jill Look exhausted-Jill nearly give birth she hurt her belly

WOW!!Pregnancy Monkey Jill Want to Playing with her baby Coming baby Waiting to see Jill Give birth

Update News: So Worries About Pregnancy Monkey Carbzilla Baby Died In Her Belly-Million sadness