We got it Yeah, i know we got it baby Hello guys were back with another video Hey Guys what’s up guys Team Dee in the building about to prank Sam No, you’re not. We’re not here for that. I’ll be pranking Sam every Hey guys, we’re back with another video video video video video […]

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #6

Hello, everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to the Try Not to Laugh challenge. Now I know, there’s been some talk out there. “Oh…! The try not to laugh videos. They’re just Mark laughing for ten minutes straight!” (well i mean it’s true) Well hey…oww first, oww my pride and then number two… […]

“I’M PREGNANT” (prank!!!)

Alright you guys so, Ken is actually at the gym right now. And yesterday, We thought that I had food poisoning cuz’ I was like really really sick. And we thought it was what we ate. But I took a pregnancy test today. It takes forever to ring.. :/ Hello? Babe. What’s up? Can you […]

Pregnancy Texts Fails!

This video is brought to you by; Shari’s Berries (dat promo doe) What’s up guys welcome to reaction time We are doing another reaction to the funniest text on the Internet but this time, oh my god It’s time for the funniest pregnancy text fails. This is a compilation of text messages when the girl […]

FUNNIEST TEXTS FROM KIDS that took it too far!

These Kids are savageness! “Do you wanna play Dollhouse after school mum?” Which doll do I get to be? Daughter “Which doll do I get to be daughter?” “The one that does the dishes” (Oh snap!) GUYS! How do you say that to you mother!? Guys! How do you say that to your mother?! I […]


So I just pulled out a bunch of 20s and these 20s are gonna become ones at the strip club because we’re gonna be spending Those ones on the stripper because this episode we’re testing a stripper. Yes. You heard that right? I said a stripper Her name is Vanessa, and she’s been stripping for […]

Most Inappropriate Texts From Parents!

Mom says “See you later” and then sends a picture, like this OHH GOD. “Ew mom what the hell?!” “Woops sorry honey. Can you forward to dad?” Mom NO OHHHHH These are parents that accidentally texted their kids inappropriate things Parents are not as innocent as you think They’ve been through teenage years, they’ve been […]


Don’t you hate it when you’re pregnant and then you text somebody you’re pregnant and they’re mean to you, baby. I’m pregnant What do you want it to be a joke have you ever been pregnant? No okay? I mean I guess not, but I’m sure you know somebody that’s been pregnant like your mom […]

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #13

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome back to the Try Not to Laugh Challenge. It is time, once again, to test our hilarious constitution against this ensemble of hand-picked funny videos from all across the internet. Can you survive the challenge? Well there’s only one way to find out now, isn’t there? Oh, […]


[Captioned by Jeffrey D. at Y Translator] Hey guys what’s up? [Captioned by Jeffrey D. at Y Translator] I hope you’re doing good. We all like moms. I like my mom. I like when Mom’s texts MOM TEXTS. “Make sure you get check for electric.” “Omg, I know. Stop reminding me every hour.” Mom’s like: […]