Why I Never Fertilize My Vegetable Garden and Get Better Results without it

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com. Today we have another exciting episode for you coming at you from your front yard garden. And what we’re going to do today is give you guys my view on fertilizers. So many of you guys know that, you know John, if you plant a garden, you got […]

Q&A – How often do I need to fertilize vegetables?

How often do I need to fertilize my vegetables, Walt? And we’re going to let Jo Jo add on to that, too. Well, I will say at a minimum, twice. I do like to fertilize at planting. I like to put down 6-12-12. That just kind of gets things kicked off pretty good. And then […]

Citrus fertilization with Vigro Iron. Sherif Fathi

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Sherif Fathi, El Shorouk Farm, Egypt Green. We are here in citrus (Valencia orange) trees aged 3 years This citrus if treated with Vigro Iron from Gizatec. It was fertigated in March 23. The results on new leaves emerged with very dark colour The trees colour […]

Five Essential Fruits need to eat during Pregnancy – this helps to get fair healthy baby

Hello!!! You are Watching DietFit LiveFit channel Five Essential Fruits need to eat during Pregnancy – this helps to get fair healthy baby Fairness of baby more related to inherited and genetic factor from a parent. Even though many food stuff impact on baby skin color as follow Kiwi fruit Kiwi fruit rich in nutrient […]

30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge (full movie)

(upbeat electronic music) – Welcome to the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. I commend you for seeking out such a healthy thing to do for yourself. My name is Sergei Boutenko and I’m gonna be leading you through this challenge to make it as simple, as easy, and as streamlined as possible so that you succeed […]

Eugene Ranks The World’s Most Popular Fruit

Eugene: He’s my theme song writer and singer. Min-young: Oh wow! He is the raaaaaaaannnnkk kiiiinng~ (and queen) M: Wooow! M: Bravo! E: Thank you. M: Bravo, bravo! E: Thank you *intro* Fruity fruity fruity (fruityfruity) Frooooooooo-ty fruity (fruit-a-fruit, fruity-fuity) Fruity fruity frui-TY! E: Welcome to the Rank King, the show where I rank things. […]