Which BEST FRIEND Goes MISSING First? (Worst GAME MASTER Disguise Wins) | Rebecca Zamolo

getting the disguise Daniel what do I need what I need to wear black leggings in lecture here yeah well he got to be in like full suit you got to look like one of the GM I guy what color is my hair supposed to be you got to be a brunette Burnett you […]

Cole’s Confrontation | Teen Mom 2 | MTV

(midtempo guitar music) – [Chelsea] Cole’s on his way home with Aubree, and I’m anxious to hear what happened. (Watson crying) Hey, look at me. (Watson cries) (sighing) – [Aubree] Buddy? (door slams) (dog barking) (Watson crying) – Hi. – [Aubree] Hi. What’s wrong? Here, you want to play this? (Aubree mumbling) – Aubree, will […]

Ed Hartwell Files for Divorce from Pregnant Keshia Knight Pulliam

Hey what’s up y’all this Kiya one half of DIMEPIECETWINZ um I told you all we were gonna be doing a one on one series so y’all can get to know us one on one so what I wanna talk about today is Ed Hartwell and Keshia Knight Pulliam now their saying that he filed […]

Jenelle Tears Up Over Her Upcoming Custody Battle | Teen Mom 2 | MTV

(upbeat music) – [Jenelle] David and I are doing bell, but he’s still not allowed to sell. A few weeks ago, Nathan had Kaiser for the weekend, and found some bruises. So, he and his mom refused to give Kaiser back to me. David and I were really upset and had to get the police […]

Which Try Guy Knows Ned The Best?

[Ned] Hello and welcome to try guys game time [Zach] Try guys game time! [Keith] Try guys game time [Eugene] Try guys game time [Ned] Try guys game time! [Eugene]We need to work on that. [Ned] Lets try that again. [Ned] Hello, and welcome to try guys game time![Keith and Eugene] Try guys game time! […]


– Hello everybody, I’m Colleen and this is my best friend Corey. – Hi. – And in here is a baby. One of the number one questions that I have gotten from you guys since I got pregnant is what are my pregnancy cravings. I don’t know why everyone wants to know that, but you […]

Which Try Guy Knows Keith The Best?

– Welcome to Try Guys Game Time! It’s like a sleepover, except it’s during the day! And we’re not sleeping over. Because Ned won’t let us sleep at his house. Today, we’re finding out who’s actually my best friend. There’s going to be three rounds of questions. Each question round is worth different points. The […]