PREGNANT IN FRANCE | What They Don’t Tell You About 1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms!

First trimester Pregnancy and first trimester of pregnancy menu plan part 2

first trimester pregnancy menu plan part to Saturday breakfast to rashers of barbecued bacon with flame broiled tomato on a cut of whole grain toast and glass of apple juice snack yogurt drink and orange lunch sardine pate on whole grain toast with cut tomato and chopped pineapple and mango snack slice of carrot cake […]

First Trimester of Pregnancy — CVS Prenatal Test | Parents

So CVS is stands for chorionic villus sampling. It is also a needle procedure like the amniocentesis, but it can be done earlier in pregnancy typically 9 to 14 weeks as the window of time when CVS is done. And it samples from cells from the early placenta. If the couple is already decided they […]

Ten Things I Wish I Knew for My First Pregnancy

– I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with my fifth child. And that sounds completely wild to even say it. Still, like you’d think I’d be used to it. But no, it still sounds like a lot of kids to me, too. It’s all amazing at our house, and we love having a lot of […]

First Trimester of Pregnancy — Tests and Screening | Parents

First trimester screening is relatively new, and it’s a blood test and sonogram that checks the genetics of the baby. One of the big concerns over time has been chromosomal abnormalities for the baby, Down syndrome, Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18, these sort of dangerous conditions that lead to babies that may not even survive birth. […]

First trimester Pregnancy menu plan part 4

first trimester pregnancy menu plan part for Saturday breakfast fried eggs with toast fingers and glass of squeezed orange snack slice of fruit is maltose lunch smoked chicken and avocado plate of mixed greens and small group of grapes snack breadsticks with low-fat soft cheese dinner homemade vegetable pizza Sunday breakfast Scotch pancakes with blueberries […]

First Trimester of Pregnancy — Ultrasound | Parents

The thing that everybody is most anticipating and most excited about is, you know, taking a really good look at that baby and also many, many of them. Wanna know, you know, is my little baby a boy or a girl. And so, this is a very exciting moment. 16 weeks is the point now […]