Horrifying Precedent Of Prosecuting Mothers Of Stillborn Babies

red states like mississippi have laws that are referred to as fetal harm laws and what they do is they go after women who give birth to a stillborn through have miscarriages and investigate that woman’s pass to see if there was ever any wrongdoing or drug use and then I’ll go ahead and prosecute […]

Infertility Tales: The Voiceover Artist (Episode 8)

Thank you. So medically and sadly, miscarriages, they’re common. So one in every four pregnancies results in a miscarriage. And, that is why the impact on women, men, and families is actually grossly underestimated. It’s truly sad, because we feel it, but the statistics don’t. And as a survivor of miscarriages, as you’ve just heard, […]

Q&A with the Archbishop – Why can’t the Church support IVF as a valid fertility option?

i’m Archbishop Mark Coleridge and you are watching Q and A question-and-answer for The Catholic Leader One of the really sad things is to meet people who want to have children often desperately want to have children but who for one reason or another can’t conceive or haven’t been able to conceive so far. It […]

What is Egg Freezing with Dr. Freiji | RSMC

Hello, this is Dr. William Freije in the Reproductive Sciences of Medical Center. I’d like to speak with you today about Egg Banking, also known as Egg Freezing. Egg Freezing is a wonderful new technology that we have that allows us to collect the eggs now freeze them for storage and use them later to […]

Single Mom by Choice: An IVF Journey

(soft music) – [Deirdre] I’ve replayed it in my mind probably a thousand times. I see a boogie. – Oh no! Deirdre’s obsessed with her nose. – Well I want her to breathe. (laughing) I just can’t believe I have her in my arms. Let’s do this baby. Hello baby. Right baby? – [Man] What […]

In Brazil, Women’s Changing Roles, Attitudes Leading to Smaller Families

bjbjLULU GWEN IFILL: Now we have another story in our series on global population issues. It’s a partnership with National Geographic Magazine, which has been reporting on this topic throughout 2011. The September issue examines the declining birth rate in Brazil. Our report is from special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro. FRED DE SAM LAZARO: […]

The surprising thing about the declining U.S. birth rate

JUDY WOODRUFF: Birth rates in the USA have dropped to their lowest annual levels in three decades, falling for nearly every group of women, and part of a longer decline that dates back to the Great Recession. Amna Nawaz looks at some of the reasons why this may be happening. AMNA NAWAZ: More than 3.8 […]

Public Lecture in Singapore: Age and Fertility

The impact of age on female fertility affects everyone. Everyone has a friend, a sister, a relative or whatever who might be trying to get pregnant, so it’s very relevant to everyone and it’s also relevant to clinicians because the timeline of female fertility is probably a lot more acute than many medical people realise, […]

9 Oldest Women in the World Who Gave Birth

9 Oldest Women in the World Who Gave Birth Number One – Frieda Birnbaum After their two adult children moved out of the house, Frieda and her husband Ken, experienced the so-called ’empty-nest syndrome’ so the couple decided to try for a third child. Frieda first began going through fertility treatments after having a miscarriage […]

Moving From Loss to Baby Joy

(slow music) – A couple years ago my husband and I were very elated to find out that I was expecting. Unfortunately, they realized that there was an infection in my body. So, my OB said, “You know, we need to go ahead and save Mom now.” And we had to deliver early. So that […]