The Female Reproductive System | Merck Manual Consumer Version

The female reproductive system is made up of the external and internal genital organs. The breasts are also sometimes considered part of the reproductive system. Tthe vagina is a tube-like muscular organ that connects the external genital organs to the uterus. It is the passageway for sperm to reach the egg in the uterus, for […]

I Tried A Vaginal Alarm Clock

(vibrating) (clattering) – It’s gonna be doing that in my pants! (fun music) My name is Merle. My struggle, and the reason that I am shamelessly here, aside from the fact that I am not planning a career in politics, is the fact that I actually do have a multitude of issues waking up in […]

My Doctor Didn’t Believe My Pain

– There have been so many times when my doctors have not believed me when I told them that I was in pain. The first one happened when I was 15 years old and during basketball practice, while running wind sprints, I started to feel this horrible horrible pain in my abdomen. You know how […]

Period Tracker | Clue App

Clue App take one, or take two now. [SOUND] Hi guys, it is me Hallease back with another video. I want to get on and talk to you all about the Clue Menstruation App, reason when to get on it is because we had such a great dialogue when I did the review of the […]