Preparing for preterm baby’s hospital discharge

As your baby begins to mature you now have begun to interact and take care of your baby more often. One of the major things that you are now doing is beginning to participate in the feeding process of your baby. So be it bottle feeding or breastfeeding you’ll be doing this more and more […]

Is It Better To Have Young or Old Parents?

When people are deciding what age to have children at, you’ll often hear them say that before they have kids there are a lot of things they want to get done first. Maybe travel the world, maybe concentrate on a career, or at least just wait until the twenties are out of the way. On […]

A Smooshfoot History: Pregnancy Tests Through The Ages – Video

BILL SMOOSHFOOT: Finding out if a woman is pregnant is not a function of chemistry. It is a matter of observation. Her natural cycles are disrupted, her menses. She grows gravid. Nothing comes to mind quite so quickly when considering a pregnant woman as the noble opossum. These ladies that you see walking about with […]