I Wore A Haunted Necklace For A Week

could a haunted necklace affect your wife absolutely hi I’m Lindsay I’m really into fashion and spooky stuff so I went on eBay and bought a haunted possessed necklace for one whole week I’m gonna wear this necklace and hopefully not die so here’s the deal I don’t know if this is true I’m very […]

Best Friends Swap Fashion Styles For A Day

I’m liking yourself hi I’m jasmine and I’m Lindsay and today we’re swapping styles we’ve never swapped styles before which is wild we’ve been in so many videos with each other about styling you’re just like you know you’re doing yeah yeah and we’ve never I would describe the Lindsey style is definitely team it’s […]

We Dressed According to Our Zodiac Signs • Ladylike

wait I wish we had like a sound effect for ours Gemini you can be two twin babies alright ladies ladies night it’s lemonade oh we are gonna be dressing according to our zodiac signs for a day since I’m leo does that mean that I just kind of do loving fathers Browns Naturals furs […]