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When I went to the doctor for my checkup to see if everything was going okay or if they had to induce me, I went in and they told me I was 4 cm dilated and had a contraction that I didn’t know. I was due on July 31st and nothing was happening. So, I […]

MOMNN: Study Suggests Childbirth Hurts | Band of Mothers | Scary Mommy

– Hello from MOMNN Studios, the network that keeps on rolling long after Mom has passed out. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst parts of motherhood, but many moms are finding that falling asleep in the middle of a conversation saves time and money. Our reporter Janet is on the scene. Janet? – Yes […]

Octomum | Natalie Suleman’s octuplets turn 10 | Sunday Night

The Stages of Labor second stages of labour

After transition labor progresses to the second stage where you will push and give birth Once your cervix is fully dilated You might feel an urge to push right away, or your contractions might seem to slow down or stop for 20 minutes or more? Before you feel the urge to push You can use […]

the Montys – My Labor & Delivery Story (January 2016)

Does the UK have a race problem when it comes to childbirth & maternity? BBC Stories

I’ve not had one person that I can be like: ‘Oh they were lovely, I’m so glad I had them during my baby journey’, because they’ve all just been pretty rubbish. We know that black women are much more likely to have severe complications than white women so it’s clearly a really important area to […]