Most Embarrassing Pregnant Mistake

– If anybody asks, we’re at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. – It’s Vlogmas, Vlogmas, and it’s time to celebrate. (thud) (giggling) Vlogmas. Good morning everyone, today we are driving to Las Vegas, are you guys excited about Las Vegas? – Yeah! – [Christopher] Are you excited about Las Vegas? – Yes! – […]

Pregnant Vegetable?! – Cartoons

5 lee won the owl 아 5 woo 아 o 아 아 르 [음악] tell you who opera 아 아 아 아 아 아 오 오 오 오 오 오 오 오 오 [음악] wr 감상 오 오 오 오 오 오 오 a 으 아 으 아 으 5 [음악] 5 wet [음악] 5p […]

Early signs of pregnancy: Reasons You Might Think You’re Pregnant

At some point in time, nearly every woman wonders if she’s pregnant. Perhaps you have some pregnancy symptoms or have a late period. Maybe you’ve been trying to have a baby can are waiting impatiently for a big fat positive. Either way, this is one of the most common questions that health professionals in the […]

Jenelle Tears Up Over Her Upcoming Custody Battle | Teen Mom 2 | MTV

(upbeat music) – [Jenelle] David and I are doing bell, but he’s still not allowed to sell. A few weeks ago, Nathan had Kaiser for the weekend, and found some bruises. So, he and his mom refused to give Kaiser back to me. David and I were really upset and had to get the police […]

Early signs of pregnancy: Why You Need to Diagnose Pregnancy Early

Knowing that you are pregnant earlier, rather than later, also provides you with a number of benefits. It allows you more time to find a practitioner and begin your prenatal care. It also encourages you to begin or continue taking prenatal vitamins and reducing the risks in your life that may pose a threat to […]

Resultado do Teste de Gravidez – Cláudia está Grávida?

a administração da claudia está atrasado há cinco dias [Música] eu e benê na estréia uma nova cama nova tac anos você falando nova nova foi deus meu pai porque semeado de luta agora ficar ligadinho mas é uma madeira de ano já berço só faltou uma maneira agora né ea fralda em pai madeira […]

My Polyamorous Pregnancy | EXTREME LOVE

ROSE SULLIVAN: We have four boys, who are all under seven years old. BUDDY SULLIVAN: It was a surprise, but now we’re having another one. ROSE SULLIVAN: I had dated both Buddy and Lauren in the past so, and then me and Buddy got back together and then after time, I looked up Lauren on […]

What Week 6 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

(lively music) Why do they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day? #LIES, #BARF. I’m sorry you feel like garbage. But the good news is your baby is growing by the day. He or she is now the size of a hashtag symbol. Just be aware that when you’re cursing out your morning […]


(calm music) – Hey, guys, welcome to my weekly pregnancy update. I’m so excited that we are now 14 weeks pregnant and our little baby is as big as a lemon. All the other weeks I’m like, it’s so tiny, it’s so weird but this is getting very real. This lemon’s pretty big for being […]

Pregnancy Sickness Hacks | Jaimie from Millennial Moms

– You found our you’re pregnant. And you’re on your first trimester and you’re feelin’ great, until. (puking noises and coughing) (whistling music) (puckering) So when it comes to pregnancy sickness, I would consider myself an expert. Because I am so sick during my pregnancies. Now, I’m not gonna lie, not everything works for everyone. […]