“DEAR ADELAIDE” | A Letter For Our Stillborn Daughter

>>HEIDI: It is currently 8:18 am which is the time five years ago that Adelaide was born. [Music: “Passing Time” by Kevin MacLeod]>>HEIDI: Dear Adelaide, today is December 2nd. It’s your fifth birthday. If you were alive, you’d be getting ready to go into kindergarten. But instead, your birth was a silent one. I remember […]


He’s Here! My Perfect Hospital Birth Vlog: Baby Number 5! / The Beach House

(Heartbeat) Becca: I just can’t believe this is happening Becca: I am so nervous Becca: I’ve been praying like crazy all morning Becca: So that I could have strength. So that I can have peace of mind and that I will be mentally ready to have this baby Becca: I need to calm down Michael: […]

What I Eat Each Trimester of Pregnancy

What Pregnancy is Really Like | BLOOPER COMPILATION

hi guys welcome back to my am I gonna say it again this video is basically my way to explain to you how this past eight and a half months been feeling so when you see me smiling and happy I’m positive I am truly on the inside I’m super happy but so enjoy this […]

Welcome Duncan Ballinger! (Birth Vlog) Best Mother’s Day Ever!!!

ولادة توأم كتير مؤثرة!! | twin labor + delivery vlog *very emotional*

What should I do, they’re both crying! Hey y’all! Where’s the excitement daddy? Mommy? Aunty? Welcome to the best vlog ever! and the most emotional one My sister is giving birth Why am I speaking in English?! Assad, how do you feel about having two girls? Assad: I can’t express my emotions Natalie: you made […]