No 2 cornflakes are identical!? | 20 Pointless Facts

Surprising Things Your Body Does After Childbirth

What Happens If You Give Birth During A Flight?

Picture this you’re 31,000 feet up in the air then all of a sudden you hear a woman screaming it turns out a pregnant mom has gone into labor what happens next how is the baby delivered what nationality is the baby if it’s in the air well today we’re going to look at all […]

Nutrients and Health Benefits

Nutrients and health benefits Why is it important to eat vegetables? Eating vegetables provides health benefits – people who eat more vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body. Nutrients – […]

How the Assassination of McKinley Gave Birth to the Secret Service | History

The Curious Case of Coffin Births

The Curious Case of Coffin Births When you die, your body is, in a quite real sense, never more alive. Beyond the amazing number of microbes that already call your body home (more of their cells than your own at any given time), other bacteria and varying fungi and fauna colonize the body with great […]

9 Oldest Women in the World Who Gave Birth

9 Oldest Women in the World Who Gave Birth Number One – Frieda Birnbaum After their two adult children moved out of the house, Frieda and her husband Ken, experienced the so-called ’empty-nest syndrome’ so the couple decided to try for a third child. Frieda first began going through fertility treatments after having a miscarriage […]

Guys Experience Labor Pain Simulation Reaction

*Dancing* Yeah this is Reaction time (sings) ♫ Let me introduce myself ♫ ♫ He Heeeee ♫ (beautiful singing) *punches Tal* *looks* *goofy faces* Alright guys today we are gonna watch “Men try labor pain simulation” So they are basically getting the same experience That women get Except there is no baby that is actually […]

For Healthcare Professionals: “Talking to Patients About Using the Nutrition Facts Label”

Music As a physician, you play a leadership role in guiding your patients toward healthy lifestyles and behaviors. Your patients look to you not only for medical diagnosis and treatment, but also as a general authority on a wide range of topics. These include general wellness issues and recommendations for managing specific health challenges. One […]

10 Birth Control Methods From History

Our ancestors tried and tested a whole variety of methods to prevent pregnancy. From animal intestine condoms, to bleach douching, to crocodile dung spermicide, here are 10 Horrifying Birth Control Methods From History that you definitely shouldn’t try at home. 10. LEMON DIAPHRAGM When life gives you lemons, put them up your vagina… Well, that’s […]