Why Are Pregnant Women Always Fighting?

hey Star report good evening Monday night and tonight I’m Agee I’m a little Aggie today I’m let you know early okay fixing my pipe hang on a second I’ll be right with you I gotta take off the edge a shitty day a shitty day a Monday okay all right how you doing how […]

#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: PregnancyRealness

Octomum | Natalie Suleman’s octuplets turn 10 | Sunday Night

Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper

Natalia this is natalia this is Alexandra we’re two filmmakers living in Brooklyn to live in this expensive city we’ve both had many different jobs and worn many different hats thank you I started thinking about the most stigmatized mysterious and hardest jobs that women do to get by what would it be like to […]

Counting Calories with a Ballerina

[Music] when I’m dancing ballet I’m completely mentally consumed in it it requires so much focus it’s mentally and physically consuming but I think that’s really part of what I love about it that you’re completely in the zone so am i an athlete yes but the athleticism is a means to an end for […]

The Land of No Men: Inside Kenya’s Women-Only Village

– I’m trying to do like, a 2-foot skank, and it is not dropping- woah! I’ve never felt so white in my life. Amongst the Samburu tribes of northern Kenya, where the desert merges with the foothills of Mount Kenya, women have been living under a harsh patriarchal system for as long as they can […]

David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 1/2)

NARRATOR: For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an interest in what some people condescendingly term conspiracy theory. You see, I was born November 22, the anniversary of John F Kennedy’s assassination. And every year on my birthday there’s been televised specials on practically every channel talking about magic bullets, grassy knolls, other […]

The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

This has many names. Gang stalking, mob stalking, community stalking. You’re in the middle of this ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. First, the Guardian revealed the National Security Agency is collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon customers. To surveil someone through their phones. Certainly through their television sets. The last […]

Their New Reality! MAFS’ Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre Welcome Daughter Laura Denise

 Laura Denise Pierre has made her debut!  Married at First Sight season 6 stars Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre are first-time parents to a baby girl they welcomed (three weeks early!) on Monday, Aug 20, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.  Born after just five hours of labor at 7:47 a m., the newborn — who was […]