10 of the STRANGEST Customs of Ancient Egypt

Here are 10 of the strangest customs of Ancient Egypt! 10 – Beautiful women When a man passed in Egypt, he was embalmed right away – of course, as long as he was rich and powerful enough to be even considered mummifying. Women, though, were a different matter. By law, the beautiful and the powerful […]

Napoleon (Part 1) – Birth of an Emperor (1768 – 1804)

The story begins in 1768 in Corsica. For centuries, the island was a Genoese possession. But separatist revolts force Genoa to ask help from the French army. In the end, the sovereignty of the island is ceded to France. The following year, Napoleon Bonaparte is born into a noble family from Ajaccio. He grows up […]

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Birth of the Brotherhood | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

BAYEK: I am a Medjay, protector of Egypt. My land is on the brink of collapse. To defend it, I must become an instrument of justice and freedom. You are my Medjay now. Protector of the true pharaoh of Egypt. Gods have abandoned us. Be careful. Not everything is as it seems. Bayek, your people […]

I Am King Tut (Pharaoh Tutankhamun)

Here I lie, The strong bull, pleasing of birth, the one of perfect laws, who wears the crown and pleases the gods, lord of all… now dead. After bearing witness to only eighteen floodings of the live giving sacred waters of the Nile, I am laid to rest in my tomb with the objects that […]

Weird History of Birth Control and Contraception

Since people have been engaging in sexual activities, they have been hoping to be able to in some way control or prevent pregnancy. This has led to some questionable if not flat out dangerous innovations. From animal poop and intestines, to honey and stones, to mercury and even tortoise shells, from ancient times on people […]

Pregnant woman in bikini gives birth to baby in The Red Sea

This is the incredible moment a newborn baby was carried from the Red Sea in Egypt after a Russian tourist travelled to the resort town in order to give birth in the water. Hadia Hosny El Said captured these images from the balcony of her uncle’s apartment in Dahab, north of Sharm el-Sheikh, showing the […]

Ellen Stages a Sweet Mother’s Day Military Reunion

In honor of Mother’s Day one of my producers Skyped an amazing mom from North Carolina, gave her tickets to the show. She had the sweetest reaction. Take a look. So Tarrina we were able to get you a ticket to the show. I’m sorry. OK, I’m sorry, oh my god. So is this a […]

The Real Reason Cleopatra Killed Herself

In the annals of world history the story of Cleopatra VII stands among the most fascinating tales ever told. Admired for her divine beauty and her unconquerable intelligence, as well as famous for her relationships with the Roman generals Mark Antony and Julius Caesar, the name Cleopatra is forever written into the fabric of the […]

How to make a mummy – Len Bloch

Death and taxes are famously inevitable, but what about decomposition? As anyone who’s seen a mummy knows, ancient Egyptians went to a lot of trouble to evade decomposition. So, how successful were they? Living cells constantly renew themselves. Specialized enzymes decompose old structures, and the raw materials are used to build new ones. But what […]