The Birth of a Nation Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Nate Parker Movie HD

You’re a child of God. You got purpose. The Lord put it there… And nobody can take it away. These books are for white folks. They’re full of things your kind wouldn’t understand. You’re a special boy, Nathaniel. Study hard here. [music playing] Your slaves sure do know how to behave. Well, they’re God-fearing. One […]

CALL THE MIDWIFE | Next on Episode 2 | Season 6 | PBS

– [Narrator] Next time on Call the Midwife. – It’s normally a wonderful thing about them brimming over with excitement. This case, it unsettles me. – You are midwives and nurses. Not maids and nannies. Those who do not earn their place must find another. (explosion booming) (yelling) – Telephone for an ambulance and a […]

The Birth of a Nation Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) – Nate Parker Movie HD

*music* Heavenly Father we come to than you for your word and your will You listen to him and you might just make it into heaven Amen Submit yourselves to your masters with all respect Brethren I pray you sing the new song sing praise in the assembly of the righteous that the saints be […]

Prima Donnas: The birth of the three Donnas | Full Episode 2 (with English subtitles)

I can’t thank you enough for allowing yourself to be the surrogate mother of our child. We will forever be indebted to you. I was ten years old when Lady Prima adopted and sent me to school. And Maita was not in the picture that time. You will not only have one child. You will […]

Terms of Endearment (1/9) Movie CLIP – Emma’s Pregnant (1983) HD

[ woman ] let me go, just for a minute. [ man ] you’re going to stare that baby right into a coma. Stop exaggerating. It’s not good to check the baby every five minutes And imagining one terrible thing or another. I know, I know. Here it starts. Here we go. Rudyard– Rudyard, she’s […]

Family Feuds + Forgiveness 💞 | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

– I don’t call her. You keep dogging me. – You’re mad that I don’t wanna– (shouting) – You don’t even tell your family the truth! – Buy somewhere else ’cause you’re not even welcome here. – [Blonde Woman] You don’t even tell the truth. – Your mom’s the (beep) one, every (beep) time. – […]

Lucious Places A Tracker On Yana | Season 6 Ep. 2 | EMPIRE

I Was Switched At Birth With Another Baby

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and recently my life has started to resemble a TV series. Let me start from the very beginning. All 16 years of my life I have felt pretty different from both of my parents. I was never like anyone in the family, not in the way I looked, or […]

PICTURE DAY – a short film

[Water Dripping] [Knocking] Mom: What are you doing in there? Drugs? [Bang] You know, I paid a lot of money for these pictures. Don’t, disappoint me! You’d better do something with that hair! And wear some makeup! [Jiggling Door Handle] You better show me what you look like before you leave. I don’t want the […]