‘Are You Pregnant?’ Dr. Phil Asks Teen Whose Parents Claim She Showed Them A Positive Pregnancy T…

Teen Is Asked To Take Pregnancy Test – See What Happens And The Results

Dr Phil VS teen *DESTROYED by facts and logic* – Dr Phil #10

My relationship with my mom is out of control. Every day we argue, yell at each other No Stop. Why are you doing this! Yaaa, it’s time for another spoiled child! wow *clap* Doctor Phil Time *clap* Doctor Phil time everybody get pumped it’s Doctor Phil time *up an octave* doctor Phil time, Doctor Phil […]

How A Young Woman Managed Rheumatoid Arthritis During Pregnancy And As A New Mom

Well, a year and a half ago, we met an incredible young woman, Stephanie, and her husband, Andres. Now, for years, Stephanie has had chronic rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic autoimmune and inflammatory disease. Now, she told me and Pfizer’s chief patient officer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, that she wanted to have a baby, even if it […]

Guest To Dr. Phil: ‘Yes, I Am A Sugar Baby. And No, I Don’t See Anything Wrong With It’

my daughter jessica is a pathological liar when Jessica was 10 she told last mate she was pregnant and she was not she’s lied about being pregnant four or five times Jessica seems to thrive with the attention that she gets when she lies there was a time where she said that she took an […]

How Woman Accused Of Lying About Pregnancies Responds To Questioning

were you suicidal or not absolutely I was life was hell like I was going through hell and back and what was going on at the time I was still dealing with a lot of issues with Courtney obviously still going on with the hate pages I was dealing with moving back I had obviously […]

Woman Claims Sister Has Faked Being Pregnant Three Times

my younger sister Courtney is a lying stealing manipulative bitch of her mouth is moving she’s lying yeah I know when I told I’d pan back what are you pay him back when I can she absolutely cannot be trusted I really started noticing Courtney’s lying when we were in high school one time I […]

Man Claims His Sister Is A ‘Pathological Liar’ Who Faked Pregnancy In Court

you say she’s a pathological liar why do you say that we’ve just witnessed it on multiple occasions there’s an instance where she had a car accident and she claimed that somebody had hit her car and I was told at a later time that she rear-ended a car while driving drunk and they have […]