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How many weeks does it take to know if I am pregnant?

It takes about six days for implantation to take place. And it is after the egg is fertilized and implanted that the hormonal pregnancy is being produced. So if you do a blood pregnancy test you might detect it as early as eight to 10 days after the egg has been fertilized. Otherwise, if you’re […]

Why Is Childbirth So Difficult? | Darwin, MD #1

Imagine serving as a physician in the obstetrics and gynecology department of a large hospital. Two women arrive on the same day ready to each give birth to their first child. Both are twenty-five and experienced an uneventful pregnancy. They are fit and ready for the experience. Both planned for a vaginal delivery. One did […]

Peek-a-Boo ICU at The Valley Hospital’s Center for Childbirth

We’ve actually set up a system that allows us to take a picture through a web cam and in real time transmit that image for about five minutes every day to someone who can’t get in to see them. We have called it Peek-a-Boo ICU and it gives our moms who are home or perhaps […]

Dr. Paul Dicker of The Valley Hospital’s Center for Childbirth

I think that this field allows you to have somewhat of a primary care approach, so you see patients over time, over years. Which is wonderful, you get to kind of not only see them medically, but you know, just see them as their families develop, which makes for an incredibly rewarding experience. Obviously you […]

Dr Christopher Ng Talks About Getting on the Pill | DocDoc

Let’s start with the positives when you’re on the pill. Effective contraception is one of the most effective contraceptives provided you take it properly. It regulates your period so it helps women with irregular periods. Women with heavy, painful periods. Similarly, it has benefits and is meant to alleviate those problems. These are short term […]

Fibroids and Their Treatment | IMPROVING FERTILITY | Fibroids and Pregnancy | Womens Health

hello viewers welcome to our Channel today dr. Sumina reddy is with us consultant fertility specialist and laparoscopy surgeon at le bateau hospital’s Banjara Hills hello dr. ho a doctor and good doctor can you please explain what is fibroids fibroids are benign growths that arise out of the uterus they are seen in about […]

Dr Christopher Ng Offers Useful Tips for Health Pregnancy | DocDoc

Don’t get stressed about it. Pregnancy is unlike any other event. You’re seeing a gynecologist or an obstetrician because you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is a natural event. So, unlike other disciplines or other conditions where you see a doctor because there’s something medically wrong with you, with pregnancy, you’re not. It’s a natural event. So, basically, […]

Myomectomy Vaginal Fibroid Removal PreOp® Patient Engagement – Education #cancer, #women

On the day of your operation, you will be asked to put on a surgical gown. You may receive a sedative by mouth and an intravenous line may be put in. You will then be transferred to the operating table. To perform this procedure, your doctor will need unobstructed access to your uterus, so your […]

My Perfect Hospital Birth!

I’m having a baby! We’re headed to the hospital right now. I have been having contractions that are Let’s see about three and a half minutes apart Last thing about a minute long each, and you’ve been having them for oh my goodness. They’re three minutes apart now That’s a minute closer than they were […]