Reborn Monster Babies | Nice Content | Tatered

[MUSIC] My name is Bean Shanine and I am the artist and owner of The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery. [MUSIC] I love babies, I don’t know, even though I make monster babies, I like to still keep them like innocent looking and so I put in them really cute baby clothes and they’ll have big […]

Lie Detector Test on Matt with a Pregnancy Simulator to Find Truth! (Best Friend GM Challenge)

Tia Mowry’s Hospital Bag Checklist | Quick Fix

– Hi guys! So, I am in the home stretch. My back is packed, I am ready to go to the hospital, and I wanted to show you guys what’s in my hospital bag. (upbeat music) I know that a lot of hospitals will already have diapers for you, but I think it’s just really […]

How To Get White Teeth Naturally Overnight2

Can I show you these diy teeth whitening strips without hydrogen peroxide? Are you avoiding to smile because of the yellow teeth that look so terrible? Sit still, stay tuned and watch this YouTube video to the end for real answers. Welcome once again with Injibs Cosmets and hoping that you stay tuned to my […]

How To Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection At Home | Natural Remedy

Yeast infections are about as common as creeping on your ex’s instagram page. This topic is repeatedly googled as most of us are ashamed to admit we’ve been visited by the yeaster bunny, and this one ain’t bringing no marzipan eggs. So let’s lay out the big ‘Y’ bare on the table because there’s a […]

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy. When you’re expecting, you’re not just eating for two – you’re living for two. Here’s how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. You will need An obstetrician you trust and can talk to easily Prenatal vitamins A varied diet An exercise routine Someone to change the litter box, if […]

Is Instagram revealing my stalkers?

– A lot of us have some wild ideas about how Instagram works and it’s probably because we’re confused why the app’s arranged in certain ways. Like why is one person in my feed first versus someone else? Or, more crucially, why is my crush always at the top of my story viewers? Is it […]

NOT MY ARMS CHALLENGE – Decorating a Cake

Ro: Hey guys it’s Ro! Today I’m here with my sister Mo. Mo: Hey Everybody! Ro: And Mr. Husky! Husky: Hello! Ro: We got so many requests from you guys to play the not my arms game, so today Ro: I am gonna show you how to assemble and decorate the perfect cake, Ro: but […]

Mom Tells Me She’s PREGNANT Prank!!!!! **BACKFIRES**

– Why? – I want you and the baby to never see me again. Ever. – [Mom] Martin, I think it’s on. – [Martin] It should be. Hello. – [Mom] Does that look like it’s on? It’s got that recording thing on there. – [Martin] Yeah . – Martin, just like … You’re not holding […]