Leaking After Childbirth: Is it Normal?

Hey, Nicole Atwood here, MUTU System Connect Community Manager and I’m going to get something on the way right now. If you leak when you laugh, sneeze or cough that is not normal. It might be common but that does not make it normal. Just because you had a baby does not mean that you […]

FULL BODY DIASTASIS RECTI WORKOUT – Diastasis Recti Safe Exercises for Your Mummy Tummy

in today’s video I’m gonna show you diastasis recti safe exercises that you can do for a full body workout a lot of you mummies have been asking me for it so here it is it’s quick it’s not easy but it’s very effective and it’s diastasis recti friendly you can do this workout right […]

Painful Sex: Why Does Sex Hurt After Having A Baby?

Hello everybody, Ashley here from MUTU System. Today I want to talk about a topic that I hold near and dear to my heart and it is painful sex. So I want to talk about painful sex today for a couple reasons, one: because I don’t think we talk about it enough, two: I think […]

How To Fix DIASTASIS RECTI | Abdominal Separation | 4 Best EXERCISES & What To AVOID!!

Hey, ladies! Today we’re going to be talking about Diastasis Recti, which is an abdominal separation you get, usually with pregnancy. So today we’re going to be talking about Diastasis Recti. What this is, ‘diastasis’ means ‘separation’, ‘recti’ refers to your ab muscles called ‘rectus abdominals’. So, what’s going to happen is – with diastasis […]

30 Second At Home Test for Diastasis Recti – Ab Separation After Pregnancy

Here’s an easy test you can do at home in under 30 seconds to see if you have abdominal muscle separation, also known as Diastasis Recti. Lie on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle and your feet flat on the ground. With your palm facing your stomach, place your fingers […]