Newborn Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers for Babies with Sensitive Skin

One big surprise was how important diapers were. My little guy did not like being wet. It made his skin more sensitive, and he’d get very fussy. So keeping him dry was really important. Pampers worked really well for us. Their newborn diapers were super absorbent, removing the wetness and locking it away from his […]

23/24/25/26w Bumpdate! || Travelling when pregnant.

Hello guys, how are you? I’m sorry if it’s a little bit dark today, but The lighting just isn’t great. Today I wanted to update you on my 23, 24, 25 and 26 Weeks of pregnancy The reason why it’s so many weeks in a row is because as a lot of you know I […]

The Try Guys Change Dirty Diapers • Motherhood: Part 2

– Just hold it? – Yeah, just hold it. – Ahhh. Ohhh, ohhh. Alright, okay. Alright, I’m just holding you. (upbeat music) – My name is Gulsah, and here’s my baby, Kaan. – [All] Hi Kaan. – If I see a baby at the grocery store, my goal is to make it smile. – I’m […]

How to Prepare for Your Due Date

How to Prepare for Your Due Date. It’s now the third trimester and your due date is fast approaching. Along with packing your bags and arranging the nursery, prepare yourself and your home for your new baby’s arrival. You will need Overnight bag Clothes for you Clothes for the baby Toiletries Copy of your health […]

What’s the real cost of having a baby?

Hundreds of years ago, when farmers needed an extra pair of hands to work the fields, having a child might have been a purely financial decision. But today, unless you’re planning on raising the next Justin Bieber, kids are a big, unpredictable cost–one that can make even a cool and collected financial advisor nervous. That’s […]

The Try Guys Raise Robot Babies • Motherhood: Part 3

(electronic baby cries) – Throw me the diaper! (electronic baby cries) – If this is anything like Tamagotchis, I had like three, and they died within a day. – Robo-babies. – It’s not even a cyborg. There’s no human to love. – Eugene and I are both very competitive, so that means our baby is […]