Meet OBGYN Jennifer Wong, MD

– I take care of women in pregnancy, or prior to conception, who have any high-risk conditions that might affect the pregnancy. Those may be maternal, chronic medical conditions; acute changes that happen during the pregnancy like hypertension in pregnancy; or fetal conditions. Most of the time patients are referred to me during pregnancy when […]

Understanding Maternal Health to Improve Fetal Development

I became interested in obstetrics and gynecology as a third-year medical student, and at that point in time the science of fetal physiology, maternal physiology was just beginning. It was very exciting, work done in England and in this country. And I had an opportunity to spend six months doing research as a fourth-year medical […]

Chamomile Tea May Not Be Safe During Pregnancy

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in the Digital Age

There are certainly a large number of apps for diabetes. They’re a part of care; they’re not going to do everything for the patient, they’re not going to provide all the answers. They really need to be looked at as a tool. The National Diabetes Prevention Program can be delivered both in person and through […]

Discharge Vaginal, Female Perineal Wash PostCare™ Basic Center:

Once each day, or according to your doctor’s instructions, you will need to clean the urethral meatus – the opening where the catheter enters the body. The procedure to do this is as follows. Wash and dry your hands. Discard the paper towel into the trash. On a tray covered with paper towels, assemble the […]

Why Insulin Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Narrator: Many people in the United States can’t afford insulin. The average price for one vial of insulin is about $285. Most diabetics need two to four vials per month. But here’s the thing. Insulin prices weren’t always this high. “Inexpensive, easily accessible.” Narrator: A Type 1 diabetes diagnosis was a death sentence before this […]

Second Gestational Diabetes Test

– [Christopher] Are you shaving just like Daddy? Just like Daddy. Ooh, good shaving, just like Daddy. That’s some good shaving. – [Parker] Look at my face. (mumbles) – [Christopher] Oh, did you cut yourself? – It’s so big. – Just like Daddy. (upbeat music) – Okay, so we are going to try this whole […]


– Good morning, Dyches fam. Unfortunately, today we had to leave the farm and go back to the city. You know, be responsible parents. Right? – It stinks. The city. I see pollution. – [Christina] Pollution? – I see pollution. – [Christina] Aww, man. What do you say? – Hello, Dyches fam. – [Christina] William, […]

The Fertility Doctor: Conception, Pregnancy and Fertility – Video

BRAD You’ve been “trying” for a while now. The Biological clock is ticking. But still no pregnancy. CLAY Is it time to seek out as fertility specialist? BRAD Today’s episode is brought to you by the BabyBjorn baby carrier original spirit. You know Daddy Clay, I wonder if just wearing one of these makes you […]

12 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

All the signs you’re eating too much sugar most of us think only people with diabetes have high blood sugar levels that isn’t so Anyone can suffer from this and may not notice the harm being done to nerves blood vessels and organs To prevent complications. You should recognize wearying symptoms and [ty] Pay attention […]